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Why Israel will win the war in Gaza

AS HISTORY TESTIFIES, the State of Israel has been at war since its founding on May 14th, 1948. In accordance with this fundamental fact all analysis of the current conflict between Israel and Gaza must be understood and approached.


Because as the saying goes, “Context is king.” Without background information, it is difficult to properly interpret the thing that is being discussed and assessed.

In light of this method, it is an established reality that there is a consensus among military analysts and war historians that the State of Israel has the unique distinction of winning all wars it has fought —from the conventional wars in 1948, 1967, and 1973, as well as the unconventional wars it fought with the PLO. And even the Lebanese armed group, Hezbollah, that is considered most capable of fighting Israel, suffered extraordinary military punishment in 2006, to the extent that it is still under the considerable pressure of Israeli deterrence.

The objective historical reality of Israel defeating and destroying and deterring all her enemies is evidence that in all probability this trend will continue including against the militants of Hamas and allied groups in Gaza. This fact becomes more established when we assess the remarkable technical and military and economic advantages that the State of Israel enjoys in comparison to the Toyota truck driving fighters of Gaza who fight primarily with AK-47 rifles and RPG-7 launchers.

Israel enjoys a massive aerial fighting and reconnaissance advantage and has in addition to that an enormously capable naval force performing the same twin tasks of firing lethal munitions and conducting information-gathering activities. This combination of air and sea supremacy that Israel possesses—all the ground-based fighters of Gaza have no answer to this at all. Not only that, the ground forces of the IDF have the most capable tank, the Merkava, which is certainly the most indestructible armored equipment in the world. This plus the massive conventional artillery, as well as the rocket-defense force like the Iron Dome in addition to strategic missile systems—makes it perfectly clear to any reasonable person that it is impossible for Israel to lose this war.

Furthermore, in terms of the textual evidence from scripture, specifically from the pages of the book of the latter prophets in the Hebrew Bible, it is clearly written in Isaiah 54: 17: “no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD and their vindication from me, declares the LORD.”

The Pulpit Commentary on the aforementioned verse states:“Verse 17. – No weapon… every tongue. Whether weapons are used against Israel, or whether she is attacked, as in Sennacherib’s time, by “the tongue that speaketh proud things” (Isaiah 36:4-20; Isaiah 37:10-13), the result will he the same. She will triumph over her enemies, and condemn them or put them to shame. Her security is her righteousness, which she derives from Jehovah (comp. Isaiah 45:24, 25).”[1]

It would seem that in terms of the empirical reality, the scripture of the Hebrew Bible, is certainly proving correct, to the extent that the secular or skeptic must explain this unusual situation where an ancient prophetic text is so true!

At any rate, everyone knows this truth: the more sophisticated and the more organized an army, the more likely it is to win in war. And the State of Israel has the army with greater capacity for battlefield victories than all the enemies combined.

Absurdly, there are a few educated people who have written that the State of Israel has already lost the war, for instance Prof. Paul Rogers clearly claims that in this article.[2] This is clearly false, but in any case, the fact is that Israel has a massive military advantage that no Gaza-based militant or any other country in the entire Middle East region can match even in theory. Furthermore, even diplomatically, the support from the US is truly unshakable as it has been for such a long time. This statement from Ted Cruz when he met Netanyahu years prior to the war really sums up the sentiment.[3]

In conclusion, the State of Israel will defeat all enemies including those that are directly being assaulted in this current war in Gaza, and this reality is based on evidence, and not on speculation. The massive military, economic, technological, and diplomatic advantages that Israel enjoys are so unparalleled in history in fact, that defeat for the IDF is impossible in any battlefield, especially in Gaza right now.




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