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Why Jewish and Hindu society is more tolerant than the world thinks

Oftenly most of the people doesn’t think twice before blaming Jewish or Hindu society before blaming them for intolerance against terrorist activities. Yes, our societies are intolerant and that too have a significant reason; we are the victim of repeated intervention since many centuries. We care about our family and our society and its the high time when India and Israel have decided for zero tolerance against the terrorism.

World War

Zionism emerged in the late-19th century. Afterwards the British conquest of Syria, the Balfour Declaration in World War I and the formation of the Mandate of Palestine, Aliyah. In 1948, massive migration has been observed from various middle east countries to Israel, which was the clear observation that the country wants to live in a peaceful society without conflicts.

While in India, in 1947 during independence. Indians allowed Muslims to form a separate country just in a belief that Hindus in India would not have to face any problem in future.

Both the countries was absolutely right at that time keeping the communal forces away from them. But the view of the world has been changed with the time, the earlier world used to stand with the peaceful people, but now many of them are looking towards the fake image created by western media. 

Examples of biased recordings by western media

Al Jazeera had reported a news “Israeli forces kill Palestinians at Qalandiya camp” and seriously, when I moved to read the news. It was clearly written that ‘The gun battle between members of the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and Israeli forces went on for at least an hour. Israeli sources said none of their soldiers were wounded.’Screenshot at Nov 17 01-19-03

Three questions I want to ask from Al Jazeera

  1. Why you gave headline reporting only one part of the truth
  2. If the Palestine terrorists are so ‘innocent’ why they are carrying guns and who provided them.
  3. Why they are not highlighting the fact that Palestine Terrorists were come to attack Israel Soldiers.

The world wants to live in peace

Nations who support terrorism should be boycotted from United Nations completely. We are tolerating them from many years be but today we need safety for our society.

If they believe that the nations are not supporting terrorist activities, they should listen to the victim countries and their proposal for anti-terrorism activities.

It’s high time, United Nations should instruct Pakistan to handover terrorist Hafiz Sayed, who is living the lavish lifestyle in Pakistan and listen to the policy of Benjamin Netanyahu to stop terrorism activities.

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