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Why Not Chinese Kabbalists?

Credit: Michael Laitman

A student from China asked me about circulating the wisdom of Kabbalah in China. Indeed, I think China is a very special country, and the Chinese are a very special people. When you look at the history, geography, culture, and mentality of the country, you could almost think they were from another planet. But when I was in China, I felt that they were very ready for the wisdom of Kabbalah, that their hearts were open to it.

Every nation needs its own manner of presenting the wisdom. Every nation has its own mentality and culture, its unique inner makeup, and its unique values and understanding of life. Therefore, introducing Kabbalah in China must be done by Chinese people, who understand and feel the intricacies and subtleties of their people, yet are proficient in Kabbalah studies and can present it correctly, in its authentic form, and with the intention only to contribute to the Chinese people and not in any way derive personal or other forms of benefit from it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah as we know it began with Abraham in Babylon some 3,800 years ago. At that time, there was no nation of Israel. Abraham spoke to his compatriots, and those who were interested gathered around him. Abraham spoke to them about solidarity, rising above the ego, which was intensifying in Babylon at the time, and how they would benefit from loving one another.

Babylonians who agreed with Abraham’s ideas followed him and formed a group that evolved into the nation of Israel. Today we are witnessing a very similar phenomenon: Thousands upon thousands of people around the world gather daily to hear about solidarity and rising above the ego, since today, just like then, the ego is intensifying. In the spiritual sense, these people are the contemporary nation of Israel. Just as Abraham’s disciples came from all over Babylon, today’s Kabbalah students come from all over the world, from every nationality, and they unite around the same idea of unity and solidarity above all differences.

The Chinese people are no different. They, too, have a great yearning to feel the warmth of genuine solidarity and true mutual responsibility. They, too, yearn for a wisdom that connects above all differences. There is no reason why we should not have Chinese Kabbalists. If offered properly, Chinese people will resonate with the wisdom, accept, trust, and welcome the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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