Why Rotation is “Fake News”

I have been concerned for the past few days at numerous comments from both politicians and those outside of the political circus.

It is said that prime minister Netanyahu has signed an agreement with Benny Gantz who betrayed his principles and disappointed millions who voted for him.
Netanyahu’s signature was no doubt written in invisible ink. At least, that may be the thinking of current commentators.

There is, among many, strong doubts that after 18 months of Netanyahu continuing as prime minister he will find some way to declare a “national emergency” which requires him to hold on to the reins of government. There will be no rotation, many feel, and Benny Gantz will be played for a fool and a sucker who trusted an untrustworthy Netanyahu.

Is it likely that the courts will act in the event that Netanyahu deceives us all and violates his sworn promise and agreement to turn over the prime minister’s duties to Benny Gantz in 18 months?

No one actually knows but there are expressed feelings of doubt that he will keep his promise. It also will depend upon who coordinates with our courts and who the new Justice Minister will be, now that Amir Ohana is off that scene.

Why is Rotation thought to be “fake news”? For one reason and one reason only. The Israeli public knows the shticks and tricks and lies and broken promises of a man who has been prime minister for so many years.

They know that Bibi’s immense ego will not permit him to relinquish control. And assuredly, neither will his wife Sara who always demands to be in the limelight.

Gantz made a terrible mistake by joining a unity government with Likud which will only develop into more dis-unity. He has lost the trust of too many millions of Israeli voters who elected him. And he has relinquished the mandate to govern given to him by our President, Reuven Rivlin.

His former allies and partners have lost respect for him and they will now be adversaries in the newly-formed government.

So many new ministers have been appointed from the several parties, right bloc and centrists. The Joint List which is the third largest party has been betrayed by Gantz because the Likud and right wing bloc refused to have Arab members in our government.

As Ahmad Tibi has stated, “Benny Gantz lied to us. He broke all his promises to us”. And Tibi and Oudeh have the right to be angry and disappointed by the Zionist anti-Arab factions.

Yuli Edelstein who resigned as Speaker of the Knesset as a matter of conscience wherein he could not obey the commands of the High Court will not be posted to his former position but instead he will be given a lower post as minister of immigration and absorption.

The unity agreement has not at this moment been formally signed by the two parties. There have been several verbal agreements but nothing is formalized until there is a signed document.

Benny Gantz got most of what he asked for with the exception of changing the Health minister, Litzman. Netanyahu insisted on keeping him because he and his orthodox associates are Bibi’s strong allies.

Avigdor Lieberman seems to be out of the political picture. It is a shame because he was dedicated to his principles and now he will be an “inactive” critic of the government.

There will be intense arguments in the following 18 months. Gantz will not be able to accept all of Netanyahu’s policies. There is bound to be some distrust between the two leaders… one who is strong and corrupt as an indicted criminal and one who is less strong, more honest, and a retired general and chief of staff.

Who can be more trusted to bring our country back into its democratic heritage?

My vote is for Benny Gantz whom I trust.

But the Netanyahu rotation after 18 months is something I do not trust. Netanyahu’s word has been broken too many times in the past years. Who can truly believe him after his recent indictment?

And if, after his trial is concluded and a guilty verdict will be decided and Bibi goes off to a jail cell, who will be the prime minister in full functioning?

I don’t have to reveal my choice. I am certain that all of you know.

But to face facts, Binyamin Netanyahu had been an excellent prime minister and had made enormous achievements for Israel over past years. Sadly, his ego and thirst for wealth conquered his sense of duty to the public and has labeled him forever as a criminal.

A sad blot on a once distinguished legacy.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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