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Why should Israel achieve victory?

Why should Israel achieve absolute victory in the war against terrorists?

It is enough to listen to Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, when he says: “It is very important that Israel loses the war and we defeat.” Yes, they understand very well that they have found a historic opportunity to weaken the existence of the State of Israel. Nasrallah, Khamenei, El Sinwar understand this simple thing but the stereotypical anti-Israel groups who always try to blame Israel no matter what has happened cannot understand.

Israel, as a country at the forefront of development, culture, prosperous economy, and most importantly, a friend of the Iranian nation, should win this battle. This is a choice, either we leave the world to terrorists or make terrorists victims of peace and tranquility for generations! The new world must be purged of Hassan Nasrallah, Sinwar, Khamenei and all their followers and soldiers, and this is what Israel is doing.

If the great powers had understood Israel’s heavy responsibility, the dimensions of the massacre would have been very limited and Israel’s hand would have been more open to political maneuvers, but unfortunately Israel is alone in this battle and cannot count on America so much, therefore they really on the strengths of their own people, fortunately because they are determined and believe in what they are doing and act with purpose, they will win this battle.

This victory definitely involves a lot of human costs, but there is no other way to stop terrorism. During these years, the costs of coexistence and reconciliation with terrorists have been thousands of times heavier. The Iranian people will also benefit from this victory. Because cutting off the proxy arms of the child-killing Khamenei regime in the region will pave the way for the next regime that results from the will of the Iranian people. So it’s time to choose, either you are on the side of the terrorists or on the side of the fighters against the terrorists, the choice is yours.

The Palestinians also have the right to choose, they too either take up arms and fight against Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists together with the Israelis and shorten the difficult period of war and chaos for themselves or continue to die under Hamas rule. We want them to choose the first option. Let the Palestinian people live in peace for once and stop the destruction of their people and environment. Perhaps without a government with terrorism and anti-Zionism in its ideology, Palestinians will eventually get their own country too!

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