Why Should We Care?

The last few weeks in Israel have been truly horrific. The fear in the streets is palpable as we face daily knife attacks from within. People are being targeted for being Jews and no other reason than they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our security services are on high alert and have prevented the situation becoming worse than it already is.

Naturally, the Hasbara battle has also begun on social media where Israelis and their supporters are asking why the world is not condemning these terrorist attacks against us. They are questioning why the world’s media are not reporting the situation more; and where they are why they are doing so with such an obvious bias. People are asking why the world does not care about what is happening in Israel.

Like any good Jew, I will answer this question with another question. Why should they? Why should the world care so much about what is happening in Israel right now? To us it is a priority, possibly the only issue of any importance right now. But if you are not somehow connected to Israel or the Jewish People then what are the reasons that you should answer our demands to care.

On a pure numerical scale, the number of injured and killed is relatively minor compared to other current conflicts in the region and around the world. There is no humanitarian crisis on a scale that could be classed as ‘biblical’. The conflict has been going on for years and isn’t going anywhere and is in danger of even being deemed ‘boring’.

And, maybe more saliently, as a people and a nation, we are more than capable of defending ourselves against the violence with there being no need for any outside intervention. So why should we care that others don’t? We know that there is a natural bias against Israel in the United Nations, so that body is becoming an irrelevance. The US administration has regularly proved itself to be inadequate in understanding the complexities and realities of the conflict. And when an IDF soldier or policeman comes face to face with a knife-wielding assassin, do we really expect them to consider what might be the reaction of a BBC reporter?

Of course we need world support in finding a long-term answer to the conflict. We do need world support in the fight against intolerance and hatred. Without question, it is important that the international media and governing organisations have a better understanding of Israel and the realities we face. But right now, at this very moment, if you aren’t standing next to us in the fight against those trying to kill us, then we kindly request that you get out the way and let us deal with things on our own.

About the Author
Stefan Kerner was active in Israel Advocacy in the UK for over 15 years and has a MA in Middle Eastern Studies from SOAS. Stefan made Aliyah in September 2014.
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