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Why Sunnis should create an alliance with Israel

Sheikh Abdallah Al-khalil Tamimi. (courtesy)

Sheikh Abdallah Al-khalil Tamimi (56) is an expert in the fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence, and an Imam since 1991. Born in Damascus, and now residing in Sydney, Australia, he is one of the founders of the Syrian Democratic Coalition movement (est. 2005).

Tamimi has been a long-time friend of Israel and has shown his support for Israel in actions, not just words. He sent me this article he wrote to especially address the Israeli public following the Abraham Accords between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Tamimi asked me to publish his theory on how and why the Sunni Muslims came to blame Israel for all their misfortunes and failures. As a scholar of the Islamic faith, he is writing from a religious point of view which is unknown to most Israelis. According to his explanation, the animosity and misunderstanding of Israel among the Sunnis is a result of the internal Sunnah-Shi’a divide and loss of religious leadership within the Sunni sect. The conclusion of his analysis is that Sunnis must openly and boldly align with Israel, to save themselves first and foremost.

I should stress that I am posting it here for Sheikh Tamimi. The ideas and views expressed in this article are his, and they do not represent my personal views.

I hope you will find his words interesting and respond positively to him.

He is eager to hear from the Israeli public. Please comment below.

Sunnis and Israel and the big hoax

The Sunnis in the Fertile Crescent lost their equilibrium after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 19th century. This is because the traditional Sunni clerics have since lost all their authority, immunity and financial status. They were completely excluded from being their position as supreme authority of the Sunnis, replaced by ‘fake’ clerics who claimed that they had come to correct the Sunni religious heritage. The reality is that these imposters wasted the value and the respect of the Sunni heritage in the eyes of the public.

Because of them, since then, it is open to anyone to issue a religious decree (Fatwa) and religious guidance, no matter how simple, as long as the person reads some of the Sunni religious texts.

Ifta’ (plural for Fatwa, religious decree) in Islam is the authority by virtue of the law of Islam in any matter that is presented to the Sunni, and it is not to be issued except by senior scholars specializing in the law of Islam, the Shari’a, and only after careful research.

Thus, today, each small group of the Sunni faith has its own Islamic law, so you can imagine the chaos in a society in which each one has his own law!

Due to this, common Sunnis no longer obey any Sunni religious authority, either real or fake. The owners of any specialized knowledge in the Sunnah (Islamic traditions and customs) have lost their influence on the Sunnis, while other religious sects in the Middle East still protect the powers, privileges, immunity and funding of their religious authorities.

By the action of the “artificial” clerics, the Sunnis have lost their realism and rationality conferred by the traditional fixed Sunni Islamic law (the four traditional schools of thought). The Sunnis’ attitudes towards events have become like a drunkard raving at the end of the night.

These “artificial” groups lead the so-called Islamic groups of many kinds, and control the official Fatwa in all Arab countries. Most of them are completely loyal to the Shi’ite leaders, and the end result of their work is to serve the project of spreading Shi’ism and the Shi’ite seizure of the entire Islamic East, since the founders of these groups are devout undercover Shi’ites.

These fake groups worked with the deep Shi’ite states that have ruled the Fertile Crescent since the end of the First World War and pushed the Sunnis into futile and devastating quixotic wars against windmills under the pretext of “hostility to Israel”, with the aim of distracting the Sunnis from confronting the expansion of the bloody Shi’ite control at the expense of the Sunni presence.

Unfortunately, most Sunnis fail to notice that this hostility to Israel was merely a hallucination created by the media of the deep Shi’ite states that ruled the region with British support and sponsorship. Eventually, these fantasies turned into a falsehood settled in the minds of the Sunnis, that “the fall of the Turkish empire was the result of a Western invasion that was instigated by Zionism. This, so that Zionists can enter Palestine with the aid of the West and expel the Arabs from it and settle in their place.”

But the Sunnis did not know that the first waves of Jewish immigration to Palestine were enabled by the Turks, and that these immigrants carried the “Ottoman Kushan” (right to settle on a tract of land), and were granted the right to own property. They were also exempted from military service and were able to highlight the Zionist presence in Palestine thanks to the Ottoman Empire!

The Sunnis also did not know that Britain would not have entered Palestine had it not been for the aid of Sharif Hussain, the Ismaili Shi’ite ruler of Hejaz, and his Bedouin army with his Sunni soldiers! And that it was this army that expelled the Turks from Palestine and handed it over to the British.

Most of the Sunnis did not know until now that the Arab governments that, with the aid of the West, ruled Egypt and the Fertile Crescent since the end of the First World War were and are still under the control of the Shi’ites of all kinds (Ismaili – Alawite – Imami) and that the armies of these governments were and are just barbaric herds of primitive and failed mercenaries who gathered through forced conscription or for money, and together they could not wrest a single inch from the control of the Israeli army.

The Sunnis did not know that all the wars that those armies fought with Israel were bound to end in disaster which claimed the lives of more than one hundred thousand young Sunni people. These victims were killed by the Israeli army, which was defending its existence, as those Arab governments had declared before any war that they would wipe Israel out of existence. For example, in1948 the Arab leaders asked Palestinians to step out of their towns and villages to the neighboring Arab countries to ease the mission of wiping the Israeli state, so they created the Palestinian refugees’ camps, while Israel has never declared its desire to wipe out any state from existence, and has
not started any war against its neighboring countries!

The Sunnis did not notice that all the armies of the Fertile Crescent countries launched wars against the Sunnis in the Fertile Crescent between every two wars they waged against Israel! Wars under the pretext of eliminating the Sunnis who are conspiring to prevent the Arabic states of the Fertile Crescent from eliminating Israel! The victims of these wars exceeded five million Sunnis, dead and missing, destroyed by these armies with a brutality that exceeds the brutality of Cambodian mass murderer Pol Pot.

The Sunnis did not notice that within half of a century Israel has become a powerful country on the world level thanks to the work of its people and the support of loyal Jews from all parts of the world, while the Shi’ite Fertile Crescent states destroyed at the same time all economic, scientific and military capabilities of the Sunnis, and turned Sunni countries into haunted ruins. With a hundred and fifty million miserable people wishing they were dead; they have become poor without hope of salvation from those states that oppress them just because they are Sunnah!

The Sunnis did not notice that all the countries of the Fertile Crescent are fighting with the Shi’ites against the Sunni people in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, while Israel alone strikes the Shi’ites with all force and firmness, destroys their forces in this region and treats free of charge the wounded Sunnis.

Considering all the realties noted here, any Sunni should realize that the only way of Sunni salvation from these Arab states is to hold a conference to save the Sunnis and request an alliance with Israel. The best place to convene this conference is Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

Custodian of the Honorable Knowledge,
Abdullah Al-Khalil Al-Tamimi

About the Author
A Research Associate at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University, teaching about the Middle East and Israel at Melbourne Uni and Monash University. A published analyst on the Middle East and Israel, he is a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism Interdisciplinary Centre, Herzliya Israel and a research Associate at Future Directions International Research Institute, Western Australia.
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