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The opposite of war is nuance

Why the United Nations is Anti-Semitic

Humanity’s best system for preventing war, the United Nations, is an increasingly primitive and deteriorating system, exponentially reflecting man’s faults instead of our best. Just as the League of Nations failed to prevent WWII, the United Nations will lead to increasing wars until WWIII, unless replaced or enhanced, per my other writings.


Sadly, the system assumes humanity is rational – a fatal flaw. The entire system relies on the hope that nations will negotiate and compromise in their best interests, but it doesn’t properly consider human nature. As the United Nations turns anti-Semitic, the best peace-building system humanity could devise thus far will become a tool for its own destruction, and ours.

We as a species further policies we believe are moral, but what is moral perspective at all?

If a mother is giving a group of kids ice cream, she can give the largest portion to the biggest kid, the best-behaved kid, or the kid who is screaming and demanding the biggest portion. These are different basis to make her decision “right”. If every kid gets the same amount, that is a moral perspective also, one that ignores the kids’ size and behavior.

Morality is often an illusion, determined not by an objective standard let alone a constructive standard, but how we feel about each other. Humanity’s inherent tendency to make friends and also enemies – our natural division of the world by in-group versus out-group polarization – infects our reason, making “our side” appear more justified. It affects our feelings, upon which is based our reason, upon which is based our very formation of language, upon which is based all of international law, upon which is based all its systems. Like a house of cards, it is primitive, because we are primitive.

When that moral perspective becomes anti-Semitic, as the Jews have seen perspectives become time and time again in our 3500+ year history, its systems become worse than useless, destructive, and self-destructive.

In the Israeli-Arab dispute, nations are demanding formation of a “Palestinian state” in Israel, but why?

First, let’s look at who our moral perspective would support if humanity desired to advance to greater peace, prosperity, and achievement:

◦ Who is indigenous? The Jews (Present as a people, culture, nation and religion 3300+ years)
◦ Who has loved the land enough to make it their capitol? The Jews (King David 1000 BC)
◦ Who has better utilized the land? The Jews (Israel is “the Startup nation”, the desert blooms)
◦ Which culture is happier? The Jews (Fourth happiest country)
◦ Which culture is more unique? The Jews (22 other Arab states)
◦ Which people have nowhere else to go? The Jews (Arab embargo on refugees is artificial to further the Palestinian “cause”)
◦ Which culture may be exterminated without this land? The Jews (proven by 3000+ years of anti-Semitism)
◦ Which group is more of a minority? The Jews (15 million Jews in the world versus 440 million Arabs)
◦ Which group is less a colonizer? The Jews (The Jewish only capitol is Jerusalem, whereas Arabs are from Arabia and pray towards Mecca)
◦ Which group is more diverse? The Jews (Coming from over 100 nations, and having 2 million+ non-Jews)
◦ Which group has more diverse coexistence? The Jews (All nationalities and religions represented)
◦ Which group is less racist? The Jews (Arabs serve in government, on courts)
◦ Which group is more democratic? The Jews (Elections and an ideal of rule of law)
◦ Which group is more peace-loving? The Jews (Offered Arabs peace more than five times)
◦ Which group is less genocidal? The Jews (Jews have never expressed desire to destroy 440 million Arabs)
◦ Which group contributes more to humanity? The Jews (Israelis have won 13 Nobel prizes & 213 by Jews, versus only 1 by Palestinians (Arafat) & 16 by all Muslims)
◦ Which group better uses its resources? The Jews (Israel desalinates more water and plants more trees than any nation)
◦ Which group has rights under religious scripture? The Jews (The Torah, Bible and Qur’an all say the Jews are given the land of Israel)

By the criteria the world claims to value by all our dialogue and even the language of the United Nations Charter and writings, the land should belong completely to the Jews in case of conflict. But theUnited Nations is so ideologically-driven, that if it were tasked with confirming the provable facts underlying these today, it could not admit their truth.

So why is so much of the world trying to forcibly create a Palestinian state? Because the Palestinians:

◦ are suffering, drawing the world’s sympathy,
◦ were displaced in 1948 because of their own fellow Arab attack against Israel,
◦ have the political support of an expansionist ideology across 57 Muslim nations, and,
◦ have the support of an extreme, self-destructive, global Leftist ideology

These factors make the world increasingly anti-Semitic, making Jews the out-group, which skews the world’s moral perspective, in a repeating cycle. The world bases its views on short-term casualties and emotions instead of the reasons behind the casualties and conflict, and its ultimate aims. While many Palestinians are decent people, the majority want a state as a stepping stone to destroy Israel. No one desiring a two-state “solution” can withstand debate of why a Palestinian state wouldn’t build an army to continually start wars against Israel, as we have seen with Gaza’s 20-year independence. Palestinian identity is shaped not as an independent and unique people, but Arab Muslims who are an arm of a broader “cause” based on an anti-Semitic ideology within Arabic culture, and an extension of ongoing Arab migration from Arabia and ideological expansion.

The world would have endless war if our underlying basis for moral perspective were self-induced suffering and political support caused by ideological motivators. That is our path, if the world insists that the oldest surviving and most contributing nation of Western civilization destroy ourselves for a contradictory and unsustaining moral perspective. Such skewed moral perspectives would destroy Europe just the same next, and then all of Western civilization, and then all other nations, peoples, and cultures on earth.

Again, the Jews must be “a light unto the nations”, whether the world is ready to see that light or not.

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Daniel was born in Budapest, Hungary, to the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and grew up in New York City. Daniel obtained his Bachelor's degree from Penn State University, has a Juris Doctorate with a specialization in public international law. He is the author of several books and articles, including The PeaceMatrix™, about a theoretical new system for solving all human conflicts. Daniel's approaches to the challenges of anti-Semitism, terrorism, and Israeli and international peace and security combine understandings of psychology, philosophy, law, Judaism and spirituality, and metaphysics.
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