Why We Should Honour Rav Noach Weinberg’s 9th Yarseit

In 2018, we mark the 9th Yarseit of Rav Noach Weinberg, whose legacy should be kept alive for the generations to come.

Rav Noach’s ideas and values that he brought to all of us and the world are crucial to the building of the Jewish people and the world.

Ideas change the world.

Rav Noach’s  teachings are alive and it is incumbent of all of us who were his students to continue his legacy.

This is why I initiated a conference call with a group of his close and beloved students who have taken leadership roles in the Jewish community. Many of the participants were founders and pioneers in the Aish and Kiruv movements, while most of these people are truly making a difference for the Jewish people today.

So by our short shares of memories of Noach Weinberg, we wanted to:

1. Give the proper honor and respect that rabbi Weinberg deserves.

2. Renew and inspire all of us and the people that see this video call to the ideas and teachings of Rav Noach.

And by sharing this video with all of you, you can see a deep love and emotional connection we all had to Rav Noach and the bond we all share from our common experience. A band of brothers so to speak.

We hope you find value in our talk and will share it further:


  1. Boruch Rabinowitz
  2. Rabbi Kalman Packouz
  3. Rabbi Shalom Schwartz
  4. Rabbi Yehuda Weinberg
  5. Rabbi Eric Coopersmith
  6. Rabbi Moshe Pamensky
  7. Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky
  8. Rabbi Yehuda Appel
  9. Rabbi Chaim Feld
  10. Rabbi Gedalia Zwieg
  11. Rabbi Mitch Mandel
  12. Eliezar Shwardron
  13. Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf
  14. Rabbi Aryeh Goetz
  15. Rabbi Irwin Katsof
  16. Yaakov Salomon
  17. Yechezkel  Stelzer
  18. Andy Mentch
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I have one mission in life: "To make a difference for the Jewish people."
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