Wishing Paralympian Pascale Bercovitch Good Luck

With the Fall Paralympics just around the corner, it’s important for us all to acknowledge the talented Israeli and international athletes taking part, and in particular, the exceptional Pascale Bercovitch, with whom we at Matomy are incredibly proud to be partnering this year.

Pascale, 48, lost her legs in a train accident as a teenager – and went on to accomplish more in the decades since than most people achieve in a lifetime. As a former journalist, film director, international motivational speaker, Paralympics silver medalist, and wife and mother of two, Pascale is returning to the games for the third time, this time in the category of canoeing.
“Play to Win”, our internal motto at Matomy, has been our guiding concept and is embodied in Pascale more than in any other. Not everyone is cut out to be a champion athlete, and those of us watching from the sidelines can be deeply inspired by the stories and incredibly hard work of participants in the games – particularly the Paralympics. Athletes in these games, aside from achieving absolute physical mastery in their sport like every serious competitor, have had to climb over mountains of additional mental and physical obstacles”. Never giving up, playing to win, and achieving excellence in beating the odds is the story that we can all learn from, as individuals and as companies.

Like Ms. Bercovitch, we don’t let the small challenges get in the way of the bigger picture – instead, we prefer to focus on long-term planning, and always striving for excellence. This is a sentiment we are happy to share with Pascale Bercovitch, and that’s why we’re honored to sponsor her bid for the gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.
On behalf of our entire staff, we at Matomy are thrilled to say farewell and wish the best of luck to our athletic partner, the incredible Pascale Berkovitch, on her way to Rio. We know she’ll make us all proud, because she already has.

Watch Matomy wish Pascale Bercovitch good luck at the Paralympics:

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