With antisemitism rising, Palestine will never be free

But with antisemitism now rising, Jew-hating racists give Western and Western-allied powers plenty of reason to supply Israel with enough firepower to blow the whole Mideast off from the map. It doesn’t make sense. Nor should it. The United States cannot wipe away domestic and foreign antisemitism and the hate crimes that follow by arming Israel. Instead, it must do what it hates most: Allocating federal funds for causes other than supplying the US defense budget. Yes, in order to defeat antisemitism, something that, remember, the President would love to do, the US government must stop sending unconditioned aid to Israel and instead concentrate on its real job; taking care of its citizens.

Antisemites are achieving the one thing that they probably don’t want; a stronger Israeli state. As long as the world sees antisemitism as a tangible problem, Israel will always be supported unanimously, without conditions, reservations, and oversight. And that is just something that we cannot afford. 8000 Palestinians are dead and one thing that is just unnecessary right now is more ammunition in Israeli weapons. They will aid in creating more and more destruction with no end in sight.

I’m not going to claim that the sole reason for the rise of antisemitism is the US supplying Israel with military aid, that would be foolish. Antisemitism has always existed and one of the key reasons for the Israeli state’s establishment was antisemitism. It seems like, as ever, a whole lot of (…) people confuse the acts of a government with a whole people.

For instance, when I criticize the American government, I know very well that many if not most US Americans if not despise, then at least strongly disagree with their government.

I know I cannot reason with antisemites; they’re probably not very smart. But still, the very fact of rising antisemitism allows NATO to give more ammo and support to Israel which in turn makes Palestinians suffer. This can’t stand.

Palestinians need peace. This need of theirs won’t be met by continuing airstrikes and a field offensive, supported by the world’s most powerful military alliance.

The US, as it won’t, must demand a ceasefire, and at the minimum, condition the aid it sends the state.

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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