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With conscious belief we will win

Tomer Hemed says the Shema, Judaism’s central prayer. (Tomer Hemed/ Instagram)
Tomer Hemed says the Shema, Judaism’s central prayer. (Tomer Hemed/ Instagram)

We are under pressure. Lots of pressure.

Internationally, the condemnations are piling up. Locally, our roads are filled with more and more anti-Israel signage and graffiti. The online space is so vitriolic that a friend of mine is leading a movement to get phones out of the hands of middle schoolers in an effort to protect their well-being.

The most important thing we can do for our headspace now is to remain cognizant of our truest values and beliefs. The belief that Hashem is the creator of the world and the orchestrator of its every event.

It’s critical we remember that the challenges we face were brought by the Divine to make us stronger, not to break us, to bring out our greatness not to make us small.

Pressure can do a job on a person. Under pressure, they can lose their sense of purpose, direction, and raison d’être. Now more than ever, we must not forget who we are and what we believe.

How do we maintain cognition of our beliefs?

The Mitzvah. When we do a Mitzvah and an act of faith, it fortifies our faith and sustains it. When one is wrapped in Tallis and Tefillin, the “clothes make the man.” When a woman lights Shabbat candles, there is literally a light of faith illuminating her home. Torah study brings a clarity of mind and a unique sense of calm.

We are under a lot of pressure, and remembering our core beliefs will carry the day. The Mitzvah is a secret.

Can I help you choose your Mitzvah?

About the Author
Rabbi Motti Wilhelm received his diploma of Talmudic Studies from the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand in 2003 and was ordained as a rabbi by the Rabbinical College of America and Israel’s former chief Rabbi Mordecha Eliyahu in 2004. He was the editor of Kovetz Ohelei Torah, a respected Journal of Talmudic essays. He lectures on Talmudic Law, Medical Ethics and a wide array of Jewish subjects and has led services in the United States, Canada, Africa and Australia. His video blog Rabbi Motti's Minute is highly popular as are his weekly emails. Rabbi Wilhelm and his wife Mimi lead Chabad SW Portland as Shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
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