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With friends like Joe Biden, Israel needs no more enemies

When President Joe Biden visited Israel after the October 7th massacre, everyone, many people thought that his visit was genuine gesture in solidarity with the only Jewish nation at its lowest and most painful moment since the holocaust. His presence in Israel, we thought, was to send a clear message of America’s unwavering commitment to the fight against terrorism as well as a signal to the US’s unequivocal support for its key strategic ally in the Middle East.

However, in the heat of the moment many people didn’t scan the finer details hidden in president Biden’s statements which bore the hallmarks of betrayal and hesitation. When a rocket by Islamic Jihad misfired and hit al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza, strangely, president Biden initially believed in the Hamas propaganda blaming Israel for the bombing. It took a lot of explaining, including playing a recording of the terrorists admitting to the mishap to convince him otherwise. During a press conference thereafter, Joe Biden stated that he has learnt that the rocket which hit the hospital was fired by “the other team”!!! The other team? How do one refer to mass murderers as a team?

My view is this…the reason Joe Biden believed in the Hamas story at the beginning is because he was already preconditioned against Israel. The terror attack had thrown an unexpected equation in Biden’s in re-election mathematics. Therefore, he had to employ the language of moral equivalence, “the other team” placing Hamas and Israel at the same level of moral sphere. It didn’t take long before president Biden alleged that Israel’s response to the massacre as being “over the top”. The president’s commitment to tying Israel’s hand went a notch higher when he started hectoring on PM Netanyahu in public. Israeli victory against Hamas terrorists seems antithetical to Biden’s re-election formula. His number one priority is seduction of the Arab vote base in the US.

In his assumed referee status, Joe Biden even tried to prevent Israel from responding when Iran fired more than 300 rockets, missiles and drones at Israel. According to him, Israel should have declared victory merely because the airstrike was successfully defended! Upside down logic!!

Biden’s re-election ambitions have made the US to, for the first time betray Israel at UN by abstaining from Security Council resolution calling for unilateral ceasefire without conditioning the same to the release of the hostages. During president Biden’s state of the nation address, the hostages and the fate of over a hundred thousand Israelis displaced from Northern Israel and the border with Gaza did not even appear as footnotes. It was all about humanitarian situation in Gaza, aid drops and building a floating harbour for Gaza Arabs.

In the mission to shape anti Israel narratives and mollify the Islamic vote, the Biden administration has used a cocktail of interesting tactics and characters. Chuck Schumer, the house majority leader openly called for the overthrow of Bibi Netanyahu’s government in a speech later praised by Joe Biden. Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state is another Biden emissary who has been doing rounds massaging egos of Arab leaders while delivering threats to Bibi and Israel. You will realize that Both Schumer and Blinken are Jews who have converted into Biden’s convenient useful idiots. In a clearly kangaroo decision, the Biden administration did the unthinkable, imposing sanctions on a number of IDF units ostensibly for violation of human rights. Worse still, president Biden is withholding crucial offensive weapons from going to Israel!!! What kind of friend or ally condemns your army and withholds ammunitions from you in the middle of an existential war? How can an ally wreck political havoc from within in an attempt at regime change in the thick of war?

The message from US to Iran and its terror proxies is unmistakable…Israel is alone and vulnerable, we’ve denied them weapons. They don’t have our support!! Whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth negating Israeli defensive war and cursing Netanyahu, Yahyah Sinwah and his bunch of murderers celebrate and harden their stance on release of hostages. Who is going to trust the US as an ally in the future if it means America can trade an ally’s existence for thirty pieces of silver in an election season?

Hopefully, Israel has taken notes and will henceforth manufacture own weapons and keep more than enough of what she can manufacture.

I’m yet to hear president Biden hectoring on President Zelensky on how he should supply humanitarian aid to Moscow. I’m also yet to hear him demanding Ukraine’s plan on evacuation of civilians in Crimea before military operation. The double standards applied to Israel are sickening!

Joe Biden has kept a conspicuous silence as anti-Semitic mobs take control of US cities and turned universities into model Gazas. Appeasing the Hamas wing of the democratic party is the only thing in Joe Biden’s mind. No wonder Ilhan Omar, the Jihadist envoy in the Congress stated that America does what she wants.

The third character in the conspiracy trinity appeared on the scene in the shape and name of David Cameron. Mr. Cameron, a former British PM is a relic from the past, excavated from the political cemetery for special pro Hamas mercenary duties. To improve his profile, Mr. Cameron got admitted as a lord in the British House of Lords. The lord’s inaugural speech after admission into the trinity was to make the opportunistic demand for the stillborn, outdated two states solution. He further threatened that UK would go ahead and unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state. No doubt, Lord Cameron loves the sound of his voice.

The insidious program is to demonize Bibi by shifting the blame from Hamas to the Netanyahu administration. Accuse Bibi of allowing the terror attack happen under his watch and for not doing enough to have the hostages released. That’s why the protests in Israel are directed to the government with the slogan “bring them home”. This clarion call diffuses pressure from Hamas, the UN and the international community and directs the same to the prime minister. Instead of trying to decimate the terrorists, UN and US are committed to regime change in Israel. Joe Biden is looking at the next elections, UN is proxy for the Arab League, Bibi is looking at the next generation. It should not be forgotten that immediately after the October 7th terrorist attack, Mr. Antonio Guterres, the UN general secretary committed the original pro terrorists propaganda sin. Without blinking an eyelid, Mr. Guterres justified the genocide against Jews stating that it didn’t occur in a vacuum! To him, the killings, roasting of babies in ovens, rapes and kidnappings are acceptable in his sadistic context of liberation.

Well, with friends like Joe Biden, why would you want more enemies?

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Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.
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