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Our Independence is Critical
Our Independence is Critical

Actions matter more than words.

Immediately after October 7th, I was in IDF reserves and I discovered something I thought unthinkable.

An intelligence officer told us that the actual reason that we did not fight back against Hezbollah and the reason that we are not decisively destroying Hamas was because the Biden Administration was applying pressure to limit the Israeli response.

Despite the fact that Hamas held and holds US citizens hostage, despite the fact that Hamas and Hezbollah are by US standards terrorist organizations, and despite the fact that these organizations are unquestionably anti American and are anti liberal US values.

Publicly Biden offered us weapons, but anyone who looked a bit closer knew that these had enormous strings attached. They effectively said “Israel can have weapons, only if you don’t actually defend yourselves.”

While giving us weapons they sanctioned our civilians, they actually sanctioned one of our IDF units, and they blew up our negotiating position on the hostage deal.

Why would they do that? Isn’t it in their best interest to destroy Iranian proxies. Isn’t it a moral imperative to return US citizens home? They talked a lot about that when it was a WNBA star in Russia.

They made a Jewish solidarity month, while allowing the academic institutions that were the pride and joy of the US to support blatantly Anti-Semitic displays and aggression.

In UCLA the “protestors” beat a Jewish girl unconscious, and Biden Tweeted support of Jews.

He Tweeted but he did nothing.

Meanwhile the Universities capitulated to the cadre of communist and Islamicist radicals and I kid you not agreed to boycott the only Jewish country in the world.

However, since yesterday we confirmed the Biden Administration is not our friend, and we better get wise or we will be wrecked.

Because actions speak louder than words:

The Biden Administration has officially been holding up bullet shipments to the IDF.

The Biden Administration has further threatened to limit aid based on “Israel not doing enough for civilian casualties” despite the best civilian to combatant ratio in the history of the world by a factor of 5 at the very least.

The Biden Administration knew in advance that Hamas was going to publicly “accept a ceasefire proposal” that was just a litany of Hamas demands – they didn’t warn Israel. The ceasefire proposal asked Israel to give up their request for the hostages and to fully stop the war – in return for NOTHING. Creating a PR disaster for Israel, Thanks Biden!

The Biden Administration has frequently tried to meddle in Israeli elections

The Biden Administration repeatedly has tried holding up our operation in Rafah despite there being no other way to ensure Hamas’s defeat.

A staggering 82% of Israelis support the operation in Rafah.

So to Bibi, to all of the leaders of Israel, know that the State of Israel is fully behind the operation in Rafah despite the US.  We didn’t need them in 67 or 48.

Do what you promised. Destroy Hamas. 

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Joseph is the CEO of Supplyve, a passionate Zionist and a true believer in liberty, justice and the Israeli way.
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