Charlie Keeble
An Autistic Conservative Inspired by Zionism

Woke Social Justice is Marxist Social Eugenics

After October 7 I reached out to support Israel and made many new Jewish friends who were curious about how my autism advocacy takes inspiration from Zionism. One of them suggested that what I am starting is the start of something new and extraordinary. Some of my autistic friends are proud of me for standing up for a country where the best of a neurodivergent person can be brought out. I think when you are autistic or have any other disability it takes bravery to show determination in your support of Israel when others will curse you with no moral ambivalence. In the autism community, we have this directive to fight against eugenics, and to resist ideas that scorn us from society and attempt to terminate disabled people from life. This is very much the same way as the Jewish people’s fight for their own survival through the right for Israel to defend itself and its people. This is one common attribute that my autism advocacy shares with Zionism.

There is a variation of eugenics that I think is relevant to today’s social activism that dismisses Jewish suffering and takes sides with the Palestinians who have weaponised their grievances to the fore. It’s called “social eugenics”. It means that when a person with a social objective seeks to eliminate undesirable people or groups to improve that society by systematically undermining their civil rights with perverse and duplicitous words and actions against them. It’s a socio-political form of ethnic cleansing. Just like the way the Palestinian cause is projected as a lie that Israel is built on conquered land and that the Jewish people are rich and powerful overlords committing genocide against these Arabic people.

I have been subjected to social eugenics by members of the autism community for supporting Israel as well as my political beliefs in conservativism. I wrote about the wonders of Zionism for autistic people on TOI and I found some harsh criticism on a Reddit thread. In another malicious blood libel, they claimed that Israel engages in eugenics against the disabled and that the “Zionists try and claim the Holocaust as a solely Jewish experience”. That’s not true, my friend the late Rabbi Lee Sunderland of Romford Synagogue encouraged me to tell the world that people with disabilities are also victims of the Shoah and commemorate those victims. Jews and autistic people can count on each other to improve the world.

I wrote in My Autistic Conservative Objectives about how Marx was influenced by Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species to create the concept of class struggles and that eliminating the ruling monied classes was key to an equal society. Marx believed that if human civilisation imitated the survival strategies of the animal kingdom then there would be a better society that eliminated barriers between people. Such as the way an ant colony relies on the enslavement of its workers to keep its colony alive. Hence, the communists rely on the intellectual enslavement of the people to follow their twisted ideology to keep the supreme leaders alive, which is also seen in the Islamic autocracy of the Islamic Republic in Iran. In the postmodern era where Marxist followers have evolved themselves to critical social justice movements, they have now become useful to race hustlers and politicians to promote social eugenics ideas. Instead of liberating people from class structures and discriminatory systems, it created nations of people gathered into monolithic groups that were encouraged to pit themselves against each other by rogue and manipulative equality campaigners.

This is why I think antiracism and social justice movements have failed in their objectives and they continue to struggle to better them today. They believe in a hierarchy of racism, which is made self-evident by the loud and naked antisemitism in Western Europe and America today. Left-wing activists and social commentators are warning of the far-right returning fascism to Europe again. But if you look at the character of the fascists today it isn’t a far-right Neo-Nazi machine, it’s a liberal socialist woke monster that acts like a morality supremacist organisation influenced by Islamic ideology that is terrorising the Jewish people in Europe. Maybe if the left admitted their own racism then we can see clearly what their views on human nature are really like and what characteristics show they have bad taste in multiethnic cultures.

As I write this the general election in the UK has seen the Labour Party win a supermajority with 411 seats and the Conservatives and Reform UK have a combined total of 126 seats. This has turned out to be the worst election for me as a Conservative Party activist and I fear we have now undermined Britain’s ties with Israel. In a disturbing twist of racially divided issues, five pro-Palestine independents won their seats on a Gaza-centred ticket that showed just how much the anti-Israel movement in Britain has now become politically entrenched in Parliament. Labour MP Jess Philips mentioned in her victory speech that Hamas-supporting Muslim thugs targeted her campaign team and that she had to make several calls to the police during the campaigns. Her campaign teams even had the tyres on their cars slashed and were frequently subjected to verbal abuse. This ugly and insane behaviour is consistent with the sectarian violence of mob rule that has now wrecked civil justice in Western Europe.

How did it come to all this? In the era of the 1960s civil rights movement, the mission led by liberal icons like Martin Luther King, the Kennedy brothers, Jesse Jackson, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X called for all classes and creeds of citizens to harmonise with one another. Treating each other with love, respect, dignity and justice between fellow human beings. But then somewhere along the track of history, the civil rights mission of these people was tampered with by left-wing academics and Marxist liberal theologians. They believed that people with points of difference were disadvantaged because of a compact spectrum of prejudices towards them, which led them to start deconstructing society to fit one group of people and ideology. So instead of harmonising people as real social justice is meant to do, they created a social order in which these people could use those differences as instruments of power to influence social justice movements. This is where the critical social justice ideology comes from, better known as woke ideology.

This is what I think underpins how woke antisemitism works. But instead of the Darwinian-Marxist theories where people survive depending on how strong they are in a fight to dominate society, the woke ideology propagates victimhood and then weaponises that to become oppressors. You can see this reflected in the way that the Palestine protest marches use messages to declare their hatred of Jews by declaring themselves to be victims of Zionism as if the Jews are rich, powerful and evil oppressors and must be destroyed. It also gives licence to ethnic groups and people granting them special permissions to be horrible to people, which creates more forms of prejudice. I can see where I fit into this as a disabled person with autism. According to these woke “freedom fighters” I am socially impaired and dependent upon able-bodied people to give me handouts and support my ability to live. Based on that premise I am told to just shut up and be grateful like a happy slave in their care.

All these social justice warriors want to do is collectively order people into monolithic tribes, label them with symbolic identity politics and encourage them to fight against each other with weaponised injustices and hatred. They are about as far from achieving peace and justice as they can get.

About the Author
Charlie Keeble is a journalist and author of three books focusing on his autism and the advocacy work he celebrates for his self-determination. He takes inspiration from Zionism to build his autistic advocacy movement such as the Jewish practice of Tikkun Olam, and how Israel is a place of a grand spectrum of creative ideas. Autism and Zionism both believe in bright ideas with infinite imagination around the world. Charlie has ambitions to work in journalism telling the story about how autism makes him stronger and more determined than most people you will ever meet. He is a passionate science geek with a burning ambition to invent something that shows his integrity as a creator. He previously worked as an ambassador for the London Science Museum, and once applied to become an astronaut with the European Space Agency.
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