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Woke up. The nightmare is real

Jewish culture embraces life (also food), which makes it especially troubling that our neighbors raised on hate are a cause celebre on US college campuses
Iron Dome in action. (via X/formerly Twitter)
Iron Dome in action. (via X/formerly Twitter)

The Iron Dome has saved many lives over the past few years and during this war. It is one of the best examples of Israeli innovation. It characterizes the inventors behind the innovation. An army of soldiers and intelligence, determined to save the lives of their citizens, advancing technology and impacting the world with good. They didn’t invent a chemical weapon, they didn’t strategize how to kill the most people. They didn’t think about brutality in building their device.

The Jewish Peoplehood and our culture have always embraced life and happiness. Also food, but that is obvious. Unlike our love for vitality and prosperity, we live with evil terrorists that have taken the Nazi playbook justifying our death, their death and probably the death of any future Palestinian nation. Their inventions, just like ours, embody their personal traits. Dark tunnels, deep underground, lined with telephone wires. Not creative, nor inspired, bleak and vicious. The terrorists took over the government in 2006, after Israel disengaged from the area, in the hopes of some form of peace and stability.

Gush Katif, the land that Israel abandoned, had clear blue waters, greenhouses and infrastructure. Gaza could have built a thriving vacation city with villas, hotels, and more. They could have given their people jobs, security, and success. But Hamas chose to take the area and use it for more terror. More rocket launchers. More training camps. More hell, in what could have been a little piece of heaven.

They took any humanitarian funds for their citizens and put it towards terror and evil. Their leaders enjoyed and continue to enjoy their people’s money in Qatar, where they lead this battle. The people of Gaza live in poverty. Those who used to work for the Gush Katif residents, along with everyone else, suffer. They suffer in silence, because Hamas does not want you to hear from them. They want their rockets to be launched on top of their homes, their schools to be used for brainwashing, and their hospitals to store weapons.

They hate everyone. They hate their people. They hate their neighbors. And they hate you.

Many of the Arab countries hate them back. Take a look around. When Syria had refugees, country after country opened their borders. Here with thousands of Gazans wanting to escape the evil, they find no one wants them. Egypt and Jordan refuse to take in anyone. Lebanon and Syria are happy to join the evil and launch rockets, but have no interest in humanitarian aid or concern for where the children will learn. These countries have understood that the citizens, raised on hate and lacking education, will not bring any benefit to their society. And therefore they stand by in silence.

Where the voices are heard for “Free Palestine” is on college campuses and marches through Western countries. It is hard to hear it, because chanting for rape and killing children should be canceled, by the same generation that has deemed themselves too woke to drink cow milk. These students lack real education. They could not place Israel on a map, but they are happy to erase it from the world. They want the t-shirt, but they don’t understand that with Hamas they could never wear it. No gay pride, no democracy, no freedom of speech. Their battle cries on college campuses would simply be their last. Their thoughts would become prisoners of war, and they too would be hunted by the same terrorist they cheer on now. Terrorists do not want anyone free. You would think that there would be English Lit professors using Free Palestine and Terrorist in the same sentence to define oxymoron. Instead the English Lit professor is quiet, giving the terrorists books to burn, with their mouths and eyes shut to the world.

Please remember, that before this war, thousands of Israelis were protesting in the streets to fight for democracy. We are not a perfect country. Show me one that is. We have policies that we don’t agree with, we have laws that should be reversed, and we have bureaucratic systems that still use fax machines. But we are the only democracy in the Middle East. We are innovators that have given you smartphones, cherry tomatoes, water irrigation. We are working hard to solve the many problems of climate change, food security, and education for all. We are busy turning air into water, building tiny electric cars, and eliminating the dangers of fish-farming and cement. We are at the forefront of inclusivity and diversity.

Our determination and passion as entrepreneurs is at the core of our economic development and growth. We created the Iron Dome to save lives, because we are always fighting to live. War does not stop innovation. In Israel war spurs us to resilience and creativity. We are together in this fight against evil. We are making sure our soldiers are fed. Our refugees have clean clothes. Our children are safe. And the next non-cow milk product you buy in the store is our invention.

Woke up. The nightmare is real. 

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