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‘Do not mix business and pleasure’ or ‘Don’t shit where you eat’ are quotes we have all heard at one point in our lives and it is usually mentioned in a conversation about dating/hooking up with people you work with. But it seems that 62% of people in a recent survey admitted that they had been part of a ‘work fling.’

Reboot Digital has revealed that you are more than twice likely to embark on an office fling during the winter months. In their survey they found that 45% of people had dated a co-worker with 12% admitting to even dating their boss. Did someone say pay rise? But 66% of participants stated that their fling began during winter months and 31% of first kisses between colleagues takes place at the office Christmas party, perhaps due to a lethal mix of mistletoe and mulled wine!

So, your boss would rather you didn’t date someone at work, HR discourages it and your work friends will tell you it is a bad idea, so why do some people think that dating in the work place is so frowned upon and why do others think it could be something great?

After a conversation with a friend who is currently having a ‘secret’ work fling (I know because she tells me everything – duh) I decided to look into this one a bit more as I know quite a lot of people who have had a work fling, including myself when I worked in a hotel – which in my case was secret and was lots of fun!

So let’s look at all sides here. The good, the bad and the ugly!

The Good:

  • Wake me up before you go go:
    Waking up at 7am with dread for a new work day is what we all usually feel. Unless you wake up knowing you are going to see that special someone you are having a work fling with. Work hard play harder? Be careful though, people can tell when you are in love so if you are keeping it a secret, make sure you have a good back up story to your new found glow!
  • Secret Lovers:
    If you enjoy being a rule breaker and a thrill seeker, this one is for you. The work fling is taboo, it is dangerous, it is risky, but – it is god damn sexy too!
  • Sexy Elevator Music:
    Ok, we all know elevator music is beyond lame but if it is just the two of you in the elevator then it is the perfect time to have a quick smooch. Watch out for security cameras though!

The Bad:

  • Fling or work?:
    As you know, with every kind of relationship, there is good and bad. With a work fling you need to remember yourself and why you are working there. It is all well and good having the office romance and having fun but firstly, do not lose yourself because your career should come before your temporary fling and secondly, it will not end well if you have to bail your partner out of a tricky situation.
  • IT are like Big Brother!
    In some companies, the IT department has a heavy involvement on all that goes on behind the scenes with your computer. Emails can easily be accessed as can your skype account. Basically, anything on your work computer can be checked. Need to speak to each other? Keep it simple over Watsapp or another app via your cell phone.
  • The Sound of Silence:
    You work together so you potentially see each other most of the day. You share lunch together and even take cigarette breaks together. You basically talk all day long. If this is the case, it is a problem. What will you talk about when you go for dinner that same night? Keep the chat at work professional and limited as much as you can so that when out of the office, you have things to catch up on.

The Ugly:

  • Spill the beans:
    Ok, so someone caught you out. Be prepared for the aftermath. Offices are like rumour mills. Once one person knows, this gossip will spread quicker than a forest fire on a hot day. Are you ready to defend yourself and the person you have had a fling with?
    In the great words of Sir Alan Sugar, this is what can happen to you. If it is a secret romance and you get caught, well then you may be in for a tough ride. You could both lose your jobs if HR has a policy against work romances.
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