Working During College Builds Character

Whether studying abroad in Israel or attending a local university, college students can benefit greatly from working while attending class.

For some students, working is a necessity, but even when it’s not, working can help build important skills. One of those skills is time management. Working students must find ways juggle work, school and a social life. Effective time management is an essential life skill that applies to any industry and home life.

Many students find that they do better in school while working a job. Time management plays a critical role here. In order to maintain their work schedule, students have to plan and organize their week, which means scheduling in time for studying. Scheduled study time means a greater focus on education, which naturally improves academic performance.

Working during college also builds responsibility, leadership and improved communication skills. Budgeting and accountability are just a few of the many other skills students will develop while working in college.

Additionally, students can benefit from being able to, hopefully, graduate with less debt.

While on the job, students will make new and important connections. In Israel, networking is of the utmost importance. New contacts can mean the difference between landing a job out of college and searching for employment for weeks or months.

It can be particularly beneficial when students pursue jobs related to their fields of study. The connections made while on the job substantially improve the chances of landing a job right out of college.

Intel, for example, offers internship programs for students or those who have graduated within the last 18 months. These types of programs help students get a foot in the door. Many internships turn into part-time or full-time jobs.

Israeli students who work during college will also learn how to be a team player and get along well with others in the workplace.

College students can work any number of jobs, from retail to essay editing and even tech-related jobs. There are even online job boards made specifically for students, which makes it easy to find opportunities. More than half of the job listings in Israel are never listed publicly because companies typically hire internally. These boards make it possible for students to find employment.

Working during college certainly builds character, but it can also be detrimental when students go overboard or work the wrong type of job. Ideally, the position should offer a set schedule, which would allow the student to plan for classes and study time.

Working too many hours can leave too little time for studying and classes. Finding a good balance is key. Along with school and work, students also need to ensure that they have time to relax, have fun and enjoy their college years.

Students who can manage to balance all of these things will fare better in the “real world” and workplace. They will also be better prepared for the demands and responsibilities that come with running a household and living independently. Those who choose not to work during college may be thrust into a life they’re not prepared for when they graduate college and land a job.

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