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World War III Has Begun but Please Don’t Tell Biden

North Korea Joins the Anti-Western Axis of Evil

Russia and Iran are acting as though World War III has begun but please don’t tell US President Joe Biden. With confirmation of Russia launching North Korean missiles against Ukraine, a third country has joined the war against the West fought in Ukraine and Israel. With a weak US president, it won’t be long before more countries join the Anti-Western Axis of Evil?

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has never hidden that his February 2022 invasion of Ukraine was about more than subjugating the country. The Kremlin believes Ukraine is Western puppet state with no agency and that Russia is fighting against the West there. In Putin’s eyes, a military defeat of Ukraine would be tantamount to a defeat for the West and the so-called US-led unipolar world.

Similarly, Iran’s leaders also view Israel as a Western puppet state. Their war against Israel has always been viewed by Iranian leaders as their holy war against the US and West.

The Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think tank, wrote on January 2 that ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin identified the West as Russia’s “enemy” and implied that Russia is fighting in Ukraine in order to defeat the West.’ Putin believes Russia ‘is fighting an existential war against the West in Ukraine’ that can only have two outcomes – victory over the West or defeat and the destruction of Russia. Iranian leaders undoubtedly see their war with Israel in similar terms.

Although the Anti-Western Axis of Evil believes World War II has begun, Biden prefers to ignore this uncomfortable fact, desisting from fully supporting Ukraine or Israel. The war will only become bigger as military cooperation grows between Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Will it be only a matter of time before North Korean missiles and other types of military equipment is used against Israel, as it already is being used against Ukraine?

As The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported, Iran and Russia are intensifying their military cooperation. The WSJ wrote that Russia is planning to buy short-range ballistic missiles from Iran, ‘a step that would enhance Moscow’s ability to target Ukraine’s infrastructure at a critical moment in the conflict.’ ‘The United States is concerned that Russian negotiations to acquire close-range ballistic missiles from Iran are actively advancing,’ one of the U.S. officials said. ‘We assess that Russia intends to purchase missile systems from Iran.’

Israel should be concerned that Putin, Bibi’s populist comrade, will assist the Iranian Islamic dictatorship to acquire nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration is refusing to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles, fearing a so-called ‘escalation.’ The Biden administration seems to not understand that Russia, Iran, and North Korea are already escalating and will continue to do so because they see a very weak US leadership.

Meanwhile, typically, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is hiding behind Biden. Scholz is refusing to send Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine as long as Biden dithers in sending long-range ATACM’s. Scholz did the same with German Leopard tanks, not sending them to Ukraine until Biden agreed to send US Bradley fighting vehicles.

And what about Bibi?

The Economist headlined an article this week that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ‘is botching the war. Time to sack him. To be safe, Israel needs new leadership.’ Netanyahu is what the Germans call a Putinversteher (Putin – Understander), a person who has established a close relationship with Russian dictator Putin. Netanyahu thoroughly misjudged Putin who is a former Soviet KGB officer who never keeps his word and anything that he signs is not worth the paper it was written on.

Putin is a serial liar spewing disinformation and xenophobia who lives in a parallel universe. The October 7, Hamas brutal terrorist attack on Israel was the equivalent of Putin kicking Netanyahu where it hurts.

Netanyahu placed more credence on his close relationship with Russia than the other way around. Russia, which prides itself on being the successor state to the Soviet superpower, has always aligned more closely with anti-Western regimes in the greater Middle East. Russia’s criticism of Israel and alignment with Iran, Syria, Hamas and other Iranian-funded terrorist groups is therefore normality for the former Soviet KGB who rule Russia’s militocracy.

As the Economist wrote, the corrupt and discredited Netanyahu is not the right leader at a time when the Anti-Western Axis of Evil has launched World War III against Israel and Ukraine. There therefore needs to be an urgent re-assessment of the threat to Israeli national security from the Russian-Iranian-North Korean Anti-Western Axis of Evil.

Ukraine and Israel are targeted for complete destruction by Russia and Iran to impose defeat on the West. So, will someone please explain to me why Israel is not yet cooperating militarily with Ukraine?

P.S. And please don’t anybody tell Biden that World War III has broken out on his watch.

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