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World War Jews

Dare I say it, but much of the world has declared war on the Jews. It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time, if and when we survive this time. Sadly, the United Nations, which was so instrumental in creating the State of Israel is now the largest incubator of Jew and Israel-hatred as what appears to be a takeover western leaning liberal democracies, but by many fundamentalist, radicalized extremist right and left wing autocracies, theocracies, fascist and nationalist rulers seeking to export their brand of extremism in some quest for world domination as in empires of old.

In the West, we’ve been spoiled with constitutional “live and let live democracies” dedicated to improving the rights of all and serving as a beacon of hope and freedom for the oppressed. An now we are realizing that we have been infiltrated with radicalized individuals who in recent generations have worked their way into the hallways of academia, corporate America, government, medicine, public education and main street America to push the radical agendas of their places of origins. Sadly after October 7, we saw the Jews, Israel and Zionism were the flashpoints of the world’s disdain while the tragic victims of the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust became the the target of denial, misrepresentation, minimization and dismissal as if, once again, the Jews deserved it.

In what can only be described as a well-planned global attack on the Jews, college campuses became encampments of uniformed pup-tents filled with paid professional agent provocateur ginning up students, to harass and intimidate Jewish students and faculty. Countries like South Africa, steeped in its own history of colonization and apartheid and joined by other countries tried to criminalize Israel’s rightful and obligatory military response. Scholars from around the world began a boycott of Israeli and Jewish scholars rightly or wrongly linked to Zionism. Roving gangs in inner cities throughout the world began attacking, robbing and desecrating Jewish people, business, institutions in waves never seen before to the point where a Jew takes his or her life in their hands when they go into some neighborhoods. Teachers and professors call out Jewish students to defend atrocities committed against them and speak against any attempts to hold offender accountable. College presidents line up like deer in the head lights and like say “antisemitism depends on the context,” with the arrogant privilege of an elitist class that doesn’t see itself as need to be held accountable. Jewish school children in public schools are afraid to wear anything that might make them stand out as Jews for fear of ostracism, while other ethnic groups proudly display their identities.

Quite frankly, making matters worse is the political and spiritual fractionalization of the Jewish community, especially in the Diaspora.

When rabbis in training at a Jewish denomination seminary declare publicly their disappointment at the anti-Zionist leanings of the their faculty, that’s really bad. A Jewish Senator with an awful relationship with his own Jewish community, Bernie Sanders has now become the patron saint of the rabidly antisemitic wing of the Democratic Party.

Jewish College presidents are negotiating with student representatives of terrorist organizations instead of tossing them from school and canceling their student visas and sending them home if they are foreign students. And the hypocrisy of some Republicans to play politics with Jewish and Israeli lives publicly while posting horridly antisemitic material on social media or expressing Jew-hatred in private gatherings is just intolerable.

This isn’t just happening in the US. It is happening on every continent. For the past 25 years, I have been monitoring and working with many agencies countering antisemitism in all the arenas I have mentioned.

I have initiated a new social media outlet on Facebook where I share news reports of “All The News, Views and Schmooze World Jews Can Use” culled from the world wide press. Sadly the news of world wide antisemitism is increasing at a daily level and we are very close to approaching an all out world war on the Jews, but with a familiar twist,…all infidels are next. Come visit

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Retired College Professor, President Emeritus & Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Founding Publisher and Editor Kol Central Pa; Philadelphia JCRC; Academic Engagement Network, Residing in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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