Worrying About Terrorist Infiltration in the US is not Islamophobia

The FBI has been warning about domestic terrorism for some time, not necessarily from the alleged liberal left, but the established extremist right. Events on college campuses suggest recently that many college students and faculty have been radicalized by wolves in sheep clothing portending to be progressive and liberal leaning who have permeated scores of prestigious colleges and universities.

Evidence is mounting that massive funds are being infused from avowed fundamentalist governments and terrorist groups into colleges and universities to fund radicalized professors radicalizing students who along with their community handlers have brought us radical protests shutting out Jewish students and faculty and others from end of semester academic activities in the name of freeing Palestinians and expressing support for Judenrein campuses. Reports today that 25% of those arrested at Columbia University and around were not even members of the University community and that over 130 of those arrested at both Columbia and CUNY were not members of either community. So who were these people. In the old days they were called agents provocateurs. In Yiddish, we call them kochleffels. Simply put they are paid professional agitators skilled in provoking chaos in demonstrations. I would bet that these professional agitators have embedded themselves throughout cities and near college campuses planning for for a trigger event to spring into action, much the way Hamas spent years building tunnels under Gaza from which to stage military operations while working their way as spies into border Israeli communities mapping civilian targets for their planned attacks.

If the pieces of the puzzle are not coming together for you and you cannot connect the dots, fundamentalists are playing the long-game strategic attempt to recreate world domination to rid the world of “infidels.” To suggest this is a conspiracy theory or Islamophobia is to ignore the evidence coming directly from the masterminds in Teheran and other proxies engaged in these actions as they strive to build nuclear arsenals and long range missiles from China and Russia and invest heavily in Western infrastructure and institutions.

Each attack, each demonstration is a test of both their capabilities to escalate the next attack and determine our resiliency to repel and resist. We seemed to be OK while a coalition of the willing was tackling the members of the evil axis and all Americans had to do was to commit funds to let others handle the boots on the ground. Well now, the fight has come to elite American institutions and they are folding like the French and Poles did with the Nazis.

Officials at some universities negotiated with these lawless folks to take board votes on their demands to divest from an ally who is already fighting a battle to contain their wretched agenda. Impressionable college students from once elite university are chanting to identify with terrorist groups who raped, burned families alive and decapitated men women and children while sodomizing victims in public view for humiliation. We cannot forgive them for they know not what they are doing. We know exactly what they are doing because they are proud of it and are cheering in the streets and calling home to their parents about how many Jews they killed today. That is who these students and professors are identifying with because they have these handlers who have infiltrated our colleges and universities.

War has been declared on us and the tactic is to inflict our downfall with death by a thousand cuts followed by subjugation and possibly event another Hiroshima, only this time in North America. We must look at what is happening not as an intellectual exercise about freedom of assembly and freedom of speech or even academic freedom. War has been declared and soldiers for the enemy have been recruited and this is a national security threat. Not to act appropriately is to have surrendered. Combating tyrannical fundamentalism is not Islamophobic, it is the right thing to do to prevent the reality of the genocide that is going unaddressed in the very countries they have already taken over among their own people. It’s time to wake up. We’re next.

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Retired College Professor, President Emeritus & Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Founding Publisher and Editor Kol Central Pa; Philadelphia JCRC; Academic Engagement Network, Residing in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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