Would Anne Frank support Lithuanian independence?

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This month, I got two interim measures of the UN Human Rights Committee prohibiting the destruction of the Monuments to WWII Soviet Soldiers in Riga and Vilnius in cases Gorskovas et al No. 4203/2022 and Brandt et al No. 4222/2022.

The Lithuanian and Latvian Neo-Nazi leaders Gabrielius Landsbergis, Remigijus Šimašius, Ewelina Dobrowolska and Egidijus Kūris argue that all the Monuments to WWII Soviet Soldiers have to be dismantled in Riga and Vilnius, because Josef Stalin had to sign a peace agreement with Adolf Hitler in May 1944 instead of continuing the military operation against the coalition of Germany, Lithuania and Latvia in Lithuania and Latvia.

According to the Neo-Nazis, the Soviet Union had to exit the World War II in May 1944 after liberating Russia. The Red Army had to stop at the border of Lithuania and Latvia. According to Lithuanians, on 23 June 1941 they became an independent country.

I am quite sure that Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Charles de Gaulles would consider such a peace agreement as a betrayal. There would be no Normandy landings. Germany would get a nuclear bomb and throw it on London.

However, what would Anne Frank think? The 15 years old girl was still hiding in the back house in Amsterdam in May 1944. After hiding for 2 years, the Jewish girl was still alive.

On 4 August 1944, Gestapo arrested Anne Frank. Do you think that she would argue that the Soviet Union should not invade Lithuania on that day?

Anne Frank was transferred to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Perhaps, at that point she prayed God to save Lithuanian independence from the Soviet Union?

She died in March 1945 in a concentration camp. If the Soviet Army would advance faster, they could save her.

I’m pretty sure that Anne Frank and millions of other children murdered by the Nazis would consider the Lithuanian independence proclaimed by the Nazis on 23 June 1941 as evil.

When Lithuanian Neo-Nazis claim that the Soviet Union was worse than Nazi Germany, this is lie. Yes, Stalin deported millions of people to Siberia, but he never had an intention to exterminate an entire race. The objective of the communists was to settle huge and empty Siberian lands with people. Their propaganda attempted to convince the deportees to love Siberia. In fact, the family of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich was saved from the Holocaust by Stalin’s deportation to Siberia. The next Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev bashed Stalin and his heritage already in 1953. It is absolutely wrong to say that the Soviet Union was equivalent to Nazi Germany.

It is shame that the EU representative for Holocaust issues Katharina Schnurbein refuses to condemn Lithuania for Holocaust denial. That woman should better find another job.

By the way, the greatest Lithuanian hero Jonas Noreika signed a business plan of the Skaistgiris concentration camp No. 1047 on 23 August 1941. I am still very proud that I smashed his memorial plaque in Vilnius on 8 April 2019. Please visit my NFT Destruction of the Lithuanian Nazi monument.

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