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Writing for charity

Three years ago, a group of friends Invited me to join the Charity writing group – we knew each other from another book site. The Peacock Writers are mainly based in America, but three of us – it was four until last year – are in the UK.

This year, in my small way I hope to help combat  BDS by buying goods from charities in Israel such as United with IsraelIsrael TodayCUFI, and IFCJ.

I will get the money from my e-book sales, but I have every intention of sending the money to Israel to help the people suffering the effects of terrorism.


About the Author
Alan Pace is a Christian writer from Yorkshire who has lived in Bristol since 1963. His religion is spiritual, and he believes in the afterlife. Alan's political affiliation is Independent; he votes for what he feels is best for the country regardless of the party.
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