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Hi everyone. As an American, one of the most disheartening things in recent days has been the number of people and institutions – many of whom elite – who have supported or otherwise sympathized with Hamas. Make no mistake, good people are coming together in a powerful way – I have seen it firsthand. But good people must be vigilant. And to this end, I would propose that a simple, effective strategy would be to write to those elected officials who have condemned this atrocity, and to hold them to their words.

The Monday following the attacks, I attended a pro-Israel rally in Boston Common. You’ll be glad to know that it was a strong turnout, and all the most prominent politicians in the Commonwealth spoke in support. One of those politicians was Senator Elizabeth Warren. Because of this, I wrote her the following letter. To anyone agreeing with its general sentiments, I would encourage you to write to her and to any other representative who has made similar commitments. Hold them to their words and tell them what you believe must be done. If it makes your life easier, you are free to copy/paste this letter and edit it as necessary.

Dear Senator,

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Israel, I, like many, found myself deeply affected. The following Monday, I attended your speech in Boston Common, and it brought me solace to see you stand with good people in condemning this brazen act of evil. Because of this, I knew I had to write to you today, and to inform you that there is a way to stand by your pledge.

Under US law, foreign nationals residing in the United States, who, “endorse or espouse” terrorist activity, can be sent back to their countries of origin:

Again, having attended your speech, I knew I had to reach out to you with this information. As Americans, we are under no obligation to harbor those foreign nationals who would seek or otherwise relish our demise – US law acknowledges this. One of your fellow senators, Tom Cotton, has brought up that this law should be enforced. Given your words, I believe it is incumbent on you – and for the good of your constituents – to work with him to this end.

I know you and the senator from Arkansas might not see eye to eye on everything. But I have faith that you’re wise enough to see that now is not the time for petty partisan squabbles. A great evil has been unleashed, and this law offers a pragmatic, effective way to stand strong against it.

I would also encourage you to think on a scale larger than next week’s headlines. The attack which took place in Israel was the largest slaughter of Jewish life since the Holocaust. Nearly fifty Americans have been murdered or taken hostage. People will look back on this difficult time, and ask who stood up for what was right, and who relented to what was wrong. I know you have the wisdom to see what’s right.

Thank you for your time.

– Matt

About the Author
A writer from the Boston area, Matthew Goldberg is the author of an unpublished novella. His work has appeared in The Federalist and The Jewish Poetry Project Instagram page.
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