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Yad Vashem Leads, At Last

I am still stunned by the events of last week. Dani Dayan’s eloquent speech in the Lithuanian Seimas – before the Prime Minister, government and all MPs – has changed the course of Holocaust history and struck a magnificent blow for Jewish honor and Holocaust truth.
This is what he told them: “Such names as Noreika, Škirpa, and Krikštaponis do not add to the honor of your nation, nor its adherence to international norms of appropriate national remembrance. Lithuanian history during the Holocaust indeed contained admirable rescuers. I myself, together with the prime minister, bestowed the title of Righteous Among the Nations on several of those heroes and heroines… But Lithuanian history…also included vile perpetrators. And of course, many bystanders. All of them must be remembered accurately, proportionally and in context…. An antisemite, especially a murderer, cannot be considered a good person, let alone a hero,” he said, adding that Lithuania must refrain from “attributing public honor to such butchers.”
Devastating. At last!
This is a watershed moment. No longer are we a movement led by a few determined-to-the-point-of-meshugas campaigners. With Yad Vashem finally at the helm this important issue now has the entire Jewish world onside. Every Holocaust museum, every Jewish institution and every synagogue now must understand the centrality of this issue. Even the pampered, sadly ridiculous AJC must review its policy of kissing Lithuania’s tuchus whenever it presents itself and  overlooking their Holocaust lies. And the same is true of any organisation and individual that purports to take the Holocaust seriously. Even Europe and NATO, those hypocrites and apologists for Holocaust distortion, have to take this on board.
Why? Well, the wickedly hilarious faux pas that transpired in the Canadian Parliament last week is instructive. The sight of Canadian MPs, glossy Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Zelensky and a few other western poseurs giving a standing ovation to some elderly Ukrainian who ‘fought’ with the most vicious of SS Jew-murderers should provide urgent food for thought.
Could there be a more damaging own goal? Could there be a better propaganda weapon for the thuggish Mr Putin?
Well, he’s got another, much juicier  gift waiting just over the Kaliningrad border.
As J’Accuse! points out, Lithuanian Holocaust distortion presents a real and present danger to the free world, and the free world has to make a decision. Is blatant Holocaust Distortion what NATO, the EU and the western alliance represent? And if these organisations fail to address it, what possible claim can they have for the moral high ground?
The blockheads in Vilnius (not the innocent Lithuanian people) have no choice now. They have to do something. What they should do is remove the monuments,  disband the repulsive, Orwellian Genocide Centre, sack its idiot, wicked leadership and start a proper dialogue with Jewish People (and not the AJC and establishment clowns who give them cover). They won’t of course, but without this there can be no possibility of rapprochement. And they must understand that the usual bullshit propaganda – versions of how they were all rescuers and how much they miss their ‘lost’ Jews and love latkas  – frankly seems not just pathetic post-Foti, but pernicious and nasty.
Thank you Yad Vashem for doing what you are obliged to do, protecting Jewish memory and honouring Holocaust truth. And we, the ordinary Jews who have fought night and day to sustain this campaign for truth still have a job to do: to watch Lithuania like hawks and make sure they do not revert to the distorted nonsense  that has stripped their country of integrity and honour.
I am hopeful. Like Silvia Foti I believe we are offering Lithuania true redemption. And once  the truth is acknowledged we – Jews and Lithuanians – can start the Divine business of building true friendship, based on truth. We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer.
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Bulawayo born, a former travel writer for the Sunday Times and director/producer for the BBC and other once important media organisations, a keeper of chickens and grower of fruit and veg, a biker, a student of Torah, a Dad and Grandad... and a man determined to fight for justice in Lithuania.
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