Yamina’s Ben-ness

With only three seats less than Likud, Yamina’s respected leader Naftali Bennett, stands a strong chance of being elected prime minister if new elections are held soon. But I advise him to change the spelling of his family name. Simply change the last two letters (tt) to (ss), making his name Ben-Ness, son of a miracle . Because only a miracle can save us from the poison and cancer of another Netanyahu catastrophe.

Bennett has a much warmer personality than Bibi has ever had. He is also respected and well-liked by a large segment of our Israeli voters and equally by leaders of many foreign nations with whom he has dealt over the past many years.

In the last election I voted for Blue and White’s Benny Gantz but if it boils down to a race between Gantz and Bennett, my vote will be for Bennett. He is more well-known in foreign affairs and more experienced in his relationship with foreign leaders. Naftali can be our next miracle.. our Ben-Ness.

The Netanyahu autocracy and criminal background has sickened a majority of honest-dealing and concerned Israeli citizens, Jews and non-Jews who have turned a past “like” into a present “strong dislike”. Some may even say a “strong hatred” for Binyamin aka Bibi Netanyahu.

He lacks none of the good qualities of his brother the doctor and none of his late beloved father Benzion and hero-brother Yonni. He can only have similarity to them by the same family name which he has disgraced.

It is a pity, I feel, that our Basic Laws made our national president only a figure-head lacking the powers of stronger leadership. Were it so, he could have rid Israel of the Netanyahu monster long before the present crisis and could have saved our precious democracy from falling into autocratic dictatorship.

Agreements which Netanyahu signed with Benny Gantz for the emergency rescue of the coalition would not have been kept. Netanyahu will always find a way, as is his custom, of breaking his promises in the name of a “national emergency”. He himself is a national emergency, a blazing fire which is long overdue to being extinguished and taking our country down with him.

It is “never my fault”, he will declare as always. The fault always lies elsewhere but positively never on Balfour street.

Lord Balfour, one of Britain’s outstanding and respected national leaders, is probably turning over in his grave. I can hear the rattle of his bones. He is in protest of one who resides in a national home on a street named after the British statesman, father of the declaration for a Jewish State in 1918.

We in Israel have had many good leaders, some excellent and outstanding leaders, and one current disgrace.

David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, Yitzchak Rabin I count among my favorite leaders.

Their names and their legacies will live forever in the history of our beloved nation. You may drive your cars on streets and boulevards north, south, east and west in all corners of our country and find yourselves looking at street signs bearing the names of our greatest leaders and heroes.

I doubt very much that I will ever see a street sign posted as rehov Netanyahu or rehov Bibi in any dark corner on the map of the State of Israel.

Leaders were not elected to serve us in order to achieve the fame of having street signs named for them. They were elected to serve the nation under a democratic set of rules and they must be punished if they break our rules.

Netanyahu has broken a primary rule by changing our democracy into autocracy.

The people have revolted and have demanded his resignation. They await impatiently for the verdict to be handed down against him for his three indicted crimes. If and when he is sentenced to a prison term there will be a day of national jubilation, the like of which we have not seen since 14 May 1948.

So it is time to get ready for our next election. Remember the “son of miracles”, Naftali Ben-Ness (Bennett). Vote with your love but not with your hatred. Return democracy to the State of Israel !

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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