Yanny or Laurel: Has the World lost it’s Moral?

I’d like to begin by saying I’m not the biggest writer, nor do I profess to be intellectual in particular when it comes to politics and world events. To be frank, as someone who gets the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis, I look at the headlines in the front and at times read the Off Duty and Mansion sections on the weekends. ​

That said, it is quite hard for someone even like me, to not be aware of some of the breaking headlines this past week. You have on one day, “Jerusalem Embassy Opens” then “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” and finally the newest audio sensation sweeping the nation; “Yanny or Laurel?”

Though the first two may be on a different context then the latter, I beg to differ. I believe the “Yanny or Laurel?” question sums up the events of this week perfectly.

On one hand, you have a momentous occasion, where a country where infrastructure, economy and military were a mere dream just 70 years ago, has developed and reclaimed its promised land 70 years later. It’s become a thriving nation, the sole truly Democratic state in a desert of dissonance.

Even more momentous; the President of the United States recognizes our Holiest City as the Capital, and has done the feat, in which his predecessors spoke of but failed to execute, which was proclaim Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem.

And then you have the quite contrary other side where people are denouncing the proclamation. Denouncing our religious entitlement and denouncing our very existence. They have the audacity to claim that it is they who are entitled to the city let alone the land, stating it’s a city that was built on the graves of their own.

Even worse, you have these people, the media and those who wish nothing but bad, who hear this and interpret their way. A President’s daughter deemed a ghoul, a nation defending its boarders, being accused of genocide where just 75 years ago this nation’s ancestors fell victims of genocide. Oh, how they have become so callused in jealousy and envy.

Unfortunately, we live in the era of illusion, where with a click here and zoom there, the scene has changed, a new image is born. With a primarily cynical media allying with the evils, it makes it much harder to divulge and what’s true, but oh how important it is to do so now.

Many people will hear “Yanny”, but there are those who will hear “Laurel”, and vice versa. There are those that will always hear different than the intended, those who will believe and resist based on their own misinterpretation’s. Those who will incite and portray a message that is not being conveyed, nor intended; those who will live in a world or darkness and negativity looking to take what isn’t theirs, just so the other shouldn’t have it.

Whether you hear “Laurel” or “Yanny”, there are those who will always hear different, and how important it is to maintain what you believe, despite of those who won’t. Am Yisroel Chai.

About the Author
Born and raised in Flatbush, New York and attended various Yeshivos. Currently works in Finance in the city and lives in New Jersey happily with his wife.
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