Yet Another Shameless Act by Trump During this Election Period

Over the last four years, I have been extremely disappointed in the Democratic leadership, the Justice Department, the retired military leadership, and the media for not taking a more vigorous stand against the President, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Attorney General William Barr for demolishing our nation’s democratic institutions and abusing our nation’s laws. This meek opposition has encouraged Trump, McConnell, and Barr to act more egregiously, if not illegally, with little fear of consequences. And too often, we, the public have too quickly surrendered our demand for justice.

Time and again, we have failed to thwart the President’s indecent acts that have resulted in so much harm and even death.

I don’t find the need to highlight the list of the President’s grievous actions as I did in my September 4th TOI blog. However, I will reiterate two actions that I believe are crimes against humanity: the forcible separation of over 5,500 children from their parents at our southern border; the mishandling of the pandemic, causing tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

In addition, in my last blog I did not highlight the indisputable evidence that, in the words of the prolific Russian-American author and journalist, Masha Gessen, “the Russian Mafia state is cultivating profit-yielding relationships with the aspiring Mafia boss of the U.S. (Trump) and his band of crooks, subverting democratic institutions in the process.” Sarah Kendzior, a scholar of authoritarianism, wrote that Trump and his associates are part of a “transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government” that has been led by the Kremlin. Both believe that Trump does not care about the fate of the country or anyone in it other than himself. In Gessen’s words, “It’s all power and money in their purest form. And you could dig as deep as you want, you would never find a shred of responsibility.”

And now, there is the revelation that our President has avoided paying taxes for decades. At the same time, he is moving to alter the composition of the Supreme Court, which would reverse critical gains for quality and social justice.

It is crucial that we do everything possible to stop the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett from moving forward.

When President Obama nominated Merrick Garland seven months before the 2016 presidential election, McConnell audaciously refused to hold hearings. Now, literally in the midst of the election (voting is already underway in some states), he states that the Senate has the legal right and responsibility to approve Trump’s nominee.

And who is Amy Coney Barrett?  She currently serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Amazingly enough, that’s another court seat that McConnell’s Senate stole from Obama. The Republican Senate blocked Obama’s nominee, Donald Schott, from that position. Trump, then appointed Barrett to that vacancy.

To add to McConnell and the Senate Republicans’ shamelessness, McConnell has not had the time for the Senate to pass an urgently needed Covid-relief package for the millions of people suffering economically during this pandemic. But he and the President will go through whatever acrobatics needed to fill this Supreme Court seat with a person whose opinions are dramatically divergent from that of the majority of Americans. If she is seated on the court, gay rights will be threatened, pro-choice will be overturned, and discrimination based on religious beliefs will return. And, critical in this time of the global pandemic, the Affordable Care Act would be struck down resulting in over 25,000,000 Americans losing their health care.

Trump and McConnell call upon us to consider Barrett’s stellar character.

Did McConnell and the rest of the Republican Senators consider Donald Schott and Merrick Garland’s stellar characters and qualifications?

Can we allow this man—who has undermined our institutions, cares nothing for our country, is only concerned about himself—to select our next Supreme Court Justice during an election?

We cannot let this happen!

About the Author
Gayle grew up in Houston, Texas where her father was deeply involved with the Jewish community and was a philanthropic supporter of Israel. Through him she became an active supporter of Israel. She is a retired social worker (child welfare, adoptions, pediatric) and psychotherapist. She is the producer of the award-winning short documentary, "Faces of Genocide," that examines the culture of cruelty that has allowed the shameful successions of genocidal atrocities.
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