You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Let me understand this, the term “Palestinian” has been hijacked by Arabs and using it to assume a people that have an occupied land? Weren’t Jews called Palestinians before the establishment of modern day Israel? Isn’t the land historically called many names such as Canaan, Israel, Palestine, the Holy Land and even the Promised Land, remember?

President Trump announcing that Jerusalem is a part of Israel is only restating the obvious. Hashem is clear that Jerusalem is Israel and the apple of Hashem’s eye. Hashem, the G-d of Israel. The political manipulation to Arabize Jerusalem continues to infuriate many people. Just because the Muslim’s built a mosque on the Temple Mount, isn’t a title of ownership negating 3000 years of history of the Jewish people. So, it took the Trump Administration, with a team including 3 observant orthodox Jews to finally recognize the reality on the ground that Europe and the world seems to be blind to. Or maybe it is they continue to wish to appease the Middle East troublemakers that love to threaten and accuse to get their way. The dog with the biggest bark scares the most? It isn’t that what Trump did was a surprise; everyone knew any “peace” deal would not ever give Jerusalem, a municipality united under Israeli law, over to anyone else. For only in Israel can freedom be guaranteed for any and all who wish to visit the old city. After all, isn’t “Palestine” who says in their new state it would be void of any Jews? Sounds like ethnic cleansing to me considering how Arabs live freely in Israel to worship, work and live. And most Israeli Arabs want nothing to do with the “Palestinian Authority” because they know living under that rule would destroy their quality of life. If the instigators that profit from confusion, disunity and anarchy are eliminated, then the Middle East would really see harmony. Even Saudi Arabia, even they realize Israel is not their enemy and they even realize they themselves are doing themselves harm by not having a relationship with one of the most advanced and powerful players in their neck of the woods.

It looks ever clearer that Prime Minister Netanyahu is correct, the future of the Middle East includes a Saudi-Israel network that will open the modern Muslim communities to progress that they have been rejecting including their own peace of mind and security. After all, we Jews only request one thing, let us live in peace. All we have ever asked was to be friendly to us and we will be friendly to you. It’s rarely ever a Jew stirs up hatred and fearmongering, yet other nations reject us, other nations rally lie’s against us and admittedly sometimes even our own people cause us great harm and disunity. Such as BDS, J Street, Code Pink, George Soros and other secular Jews trying to make Israel more “fair” and “just” according to their twisted liberal suicidal politics. Even our, so called, other religious movements have internally created an anti-Jewish cancer to destroy our religious traditions and values by assimilation and secularization to the point that true Judaism and a true Torah Jew is looked at by non-religious Jews often in a negative and vile way. Look at the Western Wall tactic attempts to dishonor the Torah. Its high time we as a people return to Hashem, His Torah and restore our great people, land and traditions to the holiness Hashem desires, and in that we honor Hashem.

This declaration by President Donald Trump begins a new era of “negotiations”. It removed Jerusalem from the table and declares that Israel will always have Jerusalem and it is non-negotiable anymore.

As Trump’s campaign theme song says, sorry but, you can’t always get what you want.


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