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“You have to dress the song up.” Sage advice from musical artist and start-up entrepreneur, Louise Kahn at SXSW 2014

One artist on how the wide variety of low-cost creation platforms allows musicians to express easily themselves
Louise Kahn "Terry Poison" (Youtube screenshot)
Louise Kahn "Terry Poison" (Youtube screenshot)

There’s a lot you can learn from musical artist and start-up entrepreneur, Louise Kahn.

When we met in Tel Aviv last October, she told me of her vision to combine the best of her music and technology and bring it to SXSW in Austin.

Teaming with Anna Landesman and Idan ‘Bruno’ Grife, the band known as Terry Poison was performing at various venues during the world’s largest interactive, film and music festival, including the one last night, hosted by the Israel Trade & Economic Office Southern Region.

Louise is currently working on a new interactive video game which will immerse the listener into the band’s edgy techno pop music and blends music, fashion and tech.

“You Have To Dress The Song Up”

Louise advises musical artists to go beyond the music.  As she says in the video above, “….you have to dress up the song….”

With the wide variety of low-cost or free content creation platforms, Louise encourages other musical artists to express their music with video, photography, fashion and being open to the art of creative expression.

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