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You Will Be Assimilated, But Not Accepted

Do you know why the world hates us?

Why there is so much antisemitism?

Why is it always Jews that are picked on or ridiculed?

I know why.

Over the years, as things have happened in various countries, many of us in Israel write on social media that everyone should come home to Israel.

No, it is not a utopia, but it is the ONLY place on Earth you can live without harassment from racist, antisemitic, anti-Zionist people who hate you.

My friends in the US and UK quickly respond that running away is not the answer.

They misunderstand where we are coming from. It is not running away from a situation. It is saving your life.

You see, they want you to stay for the following reasons:

  1. They think you should work to find a peaceful solution. It never involves them, so they have no idea this is not a negotiating situation.
  2. They love their country and don’t understand why you don’t. The false belief in “separation of church and state” or the “what holiday is that I never heard of it” stuff doesn’t matter to them, and they don’t see why that is a problem.
  3. It helps the Jews who say this because it helps them feel better about themselves when they know they are guilty of wanting to stay in their comfortable lives. You become complicit in their guilt when they get you to agree and remain.
  4. They don’t want Israel to get any stronger. People think Germany rues the EU. Imagine if Israel became a superpower or led the EU. Or the UN?
  5. The non-Jews have their guilt about how we are treated and feel unable to help. Some of them don’t want to kill us. However, it may feel like a small amount these days.
  6. They, both Jews and non-Jews, want us to be assimilated.
  7. We buy into their world if they convince us to stay in their country. We adopt their customs, give up our religion, intermarry with them, and give them the benefit of our minds and money. The non-religious Jews feel like this is the way.

But that path, as we are seeing in spades now and have been for years, is filled with falsehoods, and they will still come for you only because you are Jewish.

And what do we, as Jews, get out of it?

Nothing comes to mind, but if you like lynch mobs, your children getting attacked on campuses across America, and people who you thought were your coworkers and friends now openly saying they want to kill you, well, I guess that may work for some of you.

If you are not standing up to them and asking how they can say we staged everything on Oct 7 and how they are worried about the people of Gaza but not about what the terrorists did to your people, then you are lost to us as a people.

But those mobs will get you because you are Jewish. Don’t come crying you didn’t see it coming. Your children aren’t safe, but you don’t care. What is it you really care about, after all?

I am not saying you should be religious. It takes people with conviction, strength of character, and personality to take the road less traveled.

It is easy not to be religious, but do you think the people demonstrating in your cities care if you eat bacon or not when they want to find some Jews to pick on?

People have been pulling their mezuzzahs off their door frames. Don’t they understand where that comes from? And what it means? Evidently not.

If you are more fearful of your fellow countrymen and want to live in fear, now you have the Germany 30s-40s life experience.

Again, you could come to Israel because, like I said, it is about saving your life.

The Talmud (Sanhedrin 37a) says: “Whoever saves a single life is considered by scripture to have saved the whole world.” We are trying to save your lives, as well as our own.

But you won’t listen to us.

Life is too good in the US, UK, or Europe, and you would rather your countrymen see you as a decent law-abiding citizen. I have news for you.

They. Don’t. Give. A. F.

You can only bribe your way out of problems so many times.

Eventually, those demonstrations will come down your street in your neighborhood. And you can stick your head in the dirt, or you can face reality.

So, will you be assimilated? Never enough for them.

And this is why the world hates Jews.

We don’t assimilate.

No matter which country throughout history Jews have lived in, we have always had our ways, our areas, sometimes by choice, other times forced upon us by legal measures.

We don’t dress the same way as everyone else.

We retain our religion in whatever shape or form.

We have our traditions, our food, our shabbat.

We don’t put any of this in front of everyone, but when they see it or experience it, all they can think of is we are outsiders. Why can’t we assimilate and just be like them?

We are Jewish/Israeli first and American/European second.


History has proven to us repeatedly that we will never be accepted in any country, no matter how long we are there. Thus, our loyalties are only to God above and our fellow Jews, even those of you who are self-hating Jews, because the mobs will still come for you too.

About the Author
Keith Brooks made Aliyah in 2014 with his wife, 3 kids, and their dog. Keith writes about his Aliyah, Israel and Jewish life in general. Keith is CEO of B2B Whisperer, helping executives become better speakers and presenters. Keith advises B2B companies on their strategy as it relates to sales, pricing, marketing and competitive intelligence. Keith is a MassChallenge Israel mentor, an HCL Ambassador.
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