David Matlow
Owner of the world's largest Herzl collection

‘Your Anti-Israel Lie is Pure Keyboard Privilege’

There is a checkmate response available to all of us who are fighting for Israel on social media and are tired of all of the outrageously false posts or comments. 

Try one of these:

“Your post [or comment] is Keyboard Privilege”

“This lie is pure Keyboard Privilege”

“This nonsense is Keyboard Privilege”

The social media poster’s privilege is having the power of the platform to broadly disseminate false information without knowing (or checking) whether it is true, and being unable to respond to facts that contradict the false information shared.

If the privileged poster’s response to a factual rebuttal is an insult, threat or more lies, or if the initial post is patently false,  respond as above, pointing out the Keyboard Privilege of the poster. 

Then get on with your day.

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David Matlow practices law at Goodmans LLP in Toronto. He owns the world's largest collection of Theodor Herzl memorabilia and his Herzl Project is designed to inform people about Herzl's work to inspire them to work to complete Herzl's dream. He is the Chairman of the of the Ontario Jewish Archives and a director of the ICenter for Israel Education. More information about the Herzl Project is available at David's new book 75 Treasures-Celebrating Israel at Seventy-Five is available for free download at
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