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Your New Home Office – Let’s do this.

So many of us are adjusting to a new normal. Many companies have asked their employees to keep working from home. Many people just don’t know what the future holds for their office space. While you may have set yourself up with a makeshift home office for the last month, it may become more permanent.

Now that the kids are at school, there are less distractions, which is a perfect time, to look at your home office and focus on making the most of it, making it functional, making it a productive and calm space for you to work.

1. Figure out what it is are the activities you do in your work day. write them down. then check if you are working in a good space to encourage those activities, notice from a functional point of view what else you need around you.

2. Make sure your chair is comfortable. And your feet are on the floor. Good posture will help you stay focused. Set a timer to have breaks every once in a while.

3. Plants!!! Put one next to you or in front of you. Studies have proven the hugely positive and health benefits plants can  have on a workspace.

4. Surround yourself with work related books. logos, diplomas, inspiration. Either behind you (which is great for video calls), in front of you.  Make it look like a real office space, that presents you in a professional way. this will have an effect on your productivity because you will have surrounded your self with your credentials and a feeling of purpose.

5. Make it personal, as in any normal work setting, People put up family pictures, have their favorite mug to put pens in, rubric cube, whatever it is you like to see. The more aesthetically connected you are to the space, the more you will enjoy it.

6. Keep a bottle of water close. Being hydrated and prepared will help you stay focused.

The way you set up your new  office will have a huge effect on how efficient and productive you are.

Good luck!

About the Author
Shana Cohen Founder of Sunshine Interiors, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia moved with her family as a teenager to Israel where she now lives and works in Jerusalem. She studied Art History at Hebrew University combining this degree with a three year program of Interior Architecture. Her love of art and design helped her to graduate at the top of her class. Since 2009, Shana has been channeling her creativity as an interior designer, assisting her clients to maximize their home environment to be functional, aesthetic and comfortable. She bases her vision on the needs and vision of her clients offering her original ideas and practical expertise. Shana has an eye for detail, and her designs are carefully considered and well thought out. Her design methodology integrates the balance of materials with eco-friendly principles and she often applies elements of Feng Shui in accordance with the needs of each individual client.
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