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Your Prayers Are Not Small, Demons Don’t Go Quietly, A Conversation

I had posted my first” who would hide us?’ Two people answered. I was surprised at who it was. I am an observed person, I make a lot of observations, but really I am mostly observed. You never know by who sometimes. Unexpected as it was, I received the following message.

I said ” Oh boy, are we ever in darkness” She responds” It needs your light”

“You are not small. Your Prayers are not small. Demons don’t go quietly. Now is the time of remembering. You are the soul” It ends there, but I would add the words “of Israel. “

I have been bouncing back between fear, anger and Jewish Pride. My/our collective frustration at the propaganda, the lies, the outrageous antisemitism. And foremost the stupidity of the people we thought we knew. Why can’t they see? The conversation continues. “People who have not healed their own wounds, have  created a society that says you must cater to their victimhood, instead of holding space for them to heal” In other words, the oppression Olympics.

“So your love and prayers are needed more than ever. I don’t believe in bypassing. We shine light into dark places, to diminish the darkness. But we don’t run from it and pretend it’s not there. ” 

This just hit me this morning.. Are you ready? WE have the ONE thing that no one who has protested, has ever had behind them. We have Hashem. WE pray at our rallies. Every song is a psalm or a prayer.  

And that is the quite the opposite of the ” other side”, staging riots, misinformation, And I just heard about the bus drivers who staged a walkout and left 300 people stranded, 900 on Chartered flights that didn’t make it to the rally. The idiots taking down posters. The list goes on. All meant to discourage, and infuriate. Acts of blatant antisemitism.

I will not be deterred. G-d said to Abraham Genesis 12:3, I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse. I’m going with that.  

This might piss some folks off. All those social justice movements, all the ones I stood behind, the reason we stood behind them was because we believe in equal rights and helping those who suffer. We are commanded to do that. Black Live Matter didn’t have it, but they sure had a lot of anger. Besides they are antisemitic as we have come to find out. The woke LGBTQ folks didn’t have it. And sure as hell the Pro Palestinian/ pro Hamas folks definitely don’t have it. ALL these movements  are fueled by anger. We are different. We are fueled by Hashem. Let’s not forget that. 

My Christian friends often speak of Satan, I was taught that there is an evil inclination. If there was ever evil, Hamas and radical Islam is it. I am reminded that I think like an American. We have been brought up (at least I was) to practice equality, give people the benefit of the doubt. And when New Age came in, we forgave, forgot, and were taught to just send everyone love and light and it will be alright. It is spiritually nauseating. It is fairydust. There IS a good and evil. Every time a protest happens, like the mad violent pro Hamas demonstrations we silently say.” See? now can you see? 

What can I do but pray? In my simple way, The Shema, practically the only Hebrew I know. And doing Mitzvot. Every mitzvot I see encourages me to do more. We got his people! I remind myself that demons don’t go quietly. And make no mistake they are demons. My prayers are not small.  Your prayers are not small.  This has brought our people closer to G-d and closer to each other. That is already a victory that no one can defeat. How utterly frustrating for them. I trust in Israel. I trust in Hashem. 

And what about all the other people? As my friend said” There is a fear of being wrong. If I am wrong about this, what else am I wrong about? Imagine the embarrassment when they finally if ever figure it out. I am not holding my breath.  There is an old saying, the best revenge is success. Live your life. Even in this darkness. This is how we are the light unto the nations. I am feeling this with all of my being, even when I get angry. The truth always rises to the surface. Your prayers are not small. Keep Praying. G-d Hears us. I believe that. Look at how awesome we are as a people. Lets face it, we are blowing the world away with our unity.  The world just doesn’t know what to do with that.  I’m impressed with us and so are our allies. Thank you Angela, ( the person who messaged me, an unexpected ally, with a huge gift). This conversation changed everything…  #AmYisraelchai!

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Laurel Herman is a Chef Instructor, Culinary Storyteller, and Culinary Medicine practitioner, residing in Richmond, Virginia. A classically trained chef in the European style( Thames Valley University, London, U.K. and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Her style is anything but classic, its fun, and relaxed. Laurel's passion is bringing people together through food goes back to growing up in a home which welcomed everyone. She has taught at various venues throughout the Richmond area. Now retired, but never from the love of food, active on Instagram Laurel also loves doing her podcast Chai talk with Laurel on Spotify. Her books, The Blissed Out Chef was published in 2015 and the Inner Kitchen, Balboa press in 2011.
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