Your Terrorists, Our Victims

Before I begin this blog, I would like us to think of of the recently deceased young beautiful woman in the line of duty serving with Magav who gave her precious life to protect Eretz Israel. Baruch Dayan Haemet Hadas Malka, Your sacrifice was not in vain. We the Jewish people in exile and in Eretz Israel look upon you with the same admiration as we did for Hannah Szenesh who gave her life in the Shoah trying to save Jews. A beautiful flower was plucked from the soil of Israel. This beautiful flower was as bright as a daisy, yet ferocious as a Venus fly trap, when it came to protecting the other flowers in her beds from dangerous parasites who are currently martyred by the loony left and Pallywood alike. Hadas Malka you were a daughter to a mother and father, a sister, a niece as well as perhaps an unknown future mans wife. That opportunity was taken away from you and him by a pack of loathsome scavengers fighting over responsibility for your death.

As tragic and heartbreaking this incident is, the media outlets have the gall to report a sob story of three innocent murderous thugs intent on killing human beings, for no other reason than they were Jews. I don’t want to mention their names, not because I don’t want to expose them, but because we Jews have a prayer against all our foes from Hitler to Hamas and Hezbollah ”May Hashem erase their memory for all eternity and grind their bones to dust.” As a father and brother it only enrages me too deeply to see such a precious life taken too soon. As a Jew, I revile the fact that these three murderers are given such high esteem in Islamic circles and the so called liberal left. Remember the other day when London and Manchester came under attack the BBC called them terror attacks? Yet when such incidents take place the roles are conveniently reversed for their own sick agenda and the terrorists are subsequently portrayed as victims. The BBC’s official headline read “Three Palestinians Killed in Deadly Stabbing Incident”. Very convenient for a country that not only has large segments of its society condone the perpetrators as freedom fighters. Yet it doesn’t end there in Britain. In Europe a leading TV channel refused to air a documentary on Anti-Semitism perpetrated by offenders of an Islamic background (Just because it would offend the Muslims living there? Do we Jews get such merit or consideration when the legitimacy of the one and only country dedicated to our existence get’s questioned? Or if films documentaries etc portraying Jews in a negative light is offensive to some degree are our considerations worth such merit? In essence such behavior hoodwinks violence against Jews in Israel and Europe in general,

Nevertheless we will continue to defend The true melting pot of the Middle East where all are one even if it’s by lethal force of arms so be it. Contrary to popular belief that Eretz Israel is an Apartheid state, this is a Rainbow nation unlike the South Africa of late who failed Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Something the liberal masses are blinded to seeing whom then go to point out the so called Palestinians (Jordanians or Egyptians) and calling our communities Settlements while invoking the Apartheid libel. Without taking into consideration that Israeli Arabs enjoy full rights as any other citizens in terms of religion, the right to vote and hold office, to work in any desired capacity choice of residence etc. in Haifa where I was born it is not uncommon to have an apartment block full of Sabras like myself with a sweet old Russian couple next door, while across the hallway stay an Arab (Muslim or Christian) Israeli family who love this city and country as their own.

When Hezbollah fire their missiles we all are in equal danger so I ask do we merit the same right to declare those whom seek to kill us in Eretz Israel as terrorists. The Answer is no, and here is the reason why. Segments Europe and certain of the west are Anti Semitic. They just using liberalism as a smokescreen pretending to love everybody from all walks of life, but in their ingrained subconscious is a virulent strain of Anti-Semitism. Therefore it’s not uncommon to find people with pro civil rights sympathies and simultaneous latent anti-semitism at heart. As the saying goes a leopard never changes its spots. These leopards changed their swastikas and sickle and hammers for free Palestinet-shirts and checkered scarves.They keep growling about the Rothschild empire/Illuminati etc. Some whom I do give credit yet not much respect are the neo Nazis who openly hate Jews/Africans/Muslims/Asians alike. Yet the moment an Israeli airstrike is launched in Gaza in response to a missile attack they join the civil rights the communists and the whole balagan of the politically correct or incorrect enchilada just because “Jews” went and did it thus miserably contradicting themselves and everything they stand for by siding with their own pet peeves.

Rabbi Meir Kahane said it’s better to have an Israel that is hated by the world than an Auschwitz that is loved by it, so I would rather be hated for protecting what I am than loved for defending what I am not. Here is where many self hating Jews fail and it’s tragic if not outrageous to see that like Torquemada of the Spanish inquisition, they go out of their way to please their anti-Semitic counterparts not realising that they will still be hated no matter what just because of who they are. Whether it’s a South African Communist or an American Civil rights activists, who claim that Zionism is racism/white supremacy/colonialism or even Naturei Karta who deny their very own birthright to Israel! How many of us are bold enough to defend our very existence as Jews in the land of our forefathers and Diaspora alike?
In spite all of thisa young woman Hadas, rightfully named after Esther in our Ancient history who helped Mordechai depose of Haman bravely also rose to the occasion to defend her people, albeit at the cost of her life, Had this happened in India/China/England/France she might be labeled as a heroine and the perpetrators terrorists, but because it happened in Eretz Israel they are not considered by the outside world as terrorists but portrayed as victims.So our terrorists are the world’s victims, yet the world’s terrorists are no longer victims, how outrageous would it have been had BBC filmed a candlelight vigil for the London and Manchester victims outside their mosques?- oops I meant terrorists, they only misunderstood after all.

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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