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You’re wrong, Mr. Blinken

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When you said a short while ago: “The Israelis were dehumanized on October 7, but that cannot be a license to dehumanize others (understand: the Palestinians)”, I’m afraid you’ve got it all wrong, Mr. Blinken!

There is no need to dwell on the second part of your statement quoted above: he whole world knows (or pretends not to know) that Tsahal is the most ethical army in the world, under the control of a government obsessed with respect for human rights, an army that finds its substance, its truth, in the Jewish people of Israel, for whom respect for human life, for all human lives, is a cardinal virtue. For over 4,000 years, as we have walked the earth, in all its nooks and crannies, among all its nations, we Jews have never sought to dehumanize anyone. Even more so now that we have returned to our ancestral land which we cherish and which we would never want to sully with these so-called acts of dehumanization.

Allow me, Mr. Blinken, to dwell a little on the first part of your statement: “Israelis were dehumanized on October 7th”.

Beyond being the worst pogrom since the Holocaust, October 7th was an organized attempt by Hamas and their Palestinian accomplices, the Islamic Jihad and others, to dehumanize the Jewish people of Israel. In this unspeakable tragedy, we have been killed, burned, raped, kidnapped, and martyred in the most brutal and horrible ways. To say, as you assert, that we have been dehumanized would be tantamount to saying that we have lost our human qualities, our dignity, our identity, our morality. It’s on these points that you’ve got it all wrong, Mr. Blinken, and your words betray a surprising lack of understanding of the Jewish soul. My postulate is very simple and clear: yes, there has been an attempt at dehumanization, but NO, the Jewish people of Israel have never lost their moral compass, their values, and their virtues. Look at what happened in all those martyred villages, look at the exemplary conduct of those heroes, for they are all heroes: The fathers who sacrificed themselves to save their families, the young men and women who threw themselves on live grenades to spare the lives of their comrades, the soldiers, policemen, border guards and members of the security services who rushed willingly into unequal, sometimes desperate combat to save the lives of children, women and old people they didn’t even know. And then later, in the darkness of the filthy tunnels, those adults who deliberately chose to fast at the cost of great suffering to give their meager portions of food to the children and the sick.

You don’t seem to understand, Mr. Blinken, let me explain: I see in all the acts of these Israeli heroes of October 7 only the most admirable mark of boundless humanity, full of self-sacrifice and love for their fellow countrymen. No dehumanization here, Mr. Blinken.

Still, there has been dehumanization, in a grand scale; All you have to do is open your eyes without prejudice or apriori to see it: All those Hamas monsters and their accomplices who perpetrated those appalling acts have dehumanized themselves. All those who gave them their orders, financed them and supplied them with weapons have dehumanized themselves. All those who, in the shelter of the world’s chancelleries, openly or implicitly supported them, have dehumanized themselves. They all know who they are. By acting as they did, as some continue to do, they have abdicated all moral sense and virtue, all basic human behavior. They have dehumanized themselves.

Mr. Blinken, your statement is so condescending, it is insulting. Please remind yourself of the difference between the heroes whose humanity remained unfailing in the face of iniquitous adversity, and the inhuman monsters who committed the horrors we unfortunately know all too well. Your important role in our region will greatly benefit from this introspection.

Let us pray that G.d Almighty will shine His Light on the people of Israel in these difficult times.

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Jean Pierre Braun is a retired Silicon Valley CEO now living in Jerusalem. Born in Paris, Jean Pierre immigrated to the USA after completing its Electrical Engineering degree in France. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Jean Pierre was also the founder of a unique, very successful Silicon Valley Synagogue, and upon his return to France became Vice President of a local CRIF branch, and the President of the Rachi community in Grenoble. A father of 3 and grandfather of 10 ב'ה, Jean Pierre and his wife Annie made Aliyah in 2016.
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