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Tal Bassali
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Zehud 2.0

There comes a point in a business or a not-for-profit, once countless hours and constant effort has been invested, sufficient mistakes have been made, plenty of lessons have been learnt, meaningful growth has occurred, and better systems have been put in place, that they can say that they have reached a new, better, 2.0 level. I am so incredibly proud to say that this is where Zehud is now at!

As you know, Zehud is a labour of love for me because I began Zehud so that I could provide high-quality online Ivrit and Jewish education for my children. Since then, I – along with our fantastic team of teachers – have invested countless hours and effort to provide the best quality, cost-effective, online learning experience for Jewish children in Europe.

Have I made mistakes? Of course! Have plenty of lessons been learnt? Certainly! Has meaningful growth occurred? Definitely! And have we put better systems in place? Absolutely! Doing is creating.

Like my first child who just celebrated his bar mitzvah from whom I’ve learnt so much about parenting, I’ve learnt so much from the past few years of growing Zehud. But just like a bar mitzvah reflects reaching a new age, stage and responsibility, so too, Zehud has reached a new age and stage, and with this, it has an even greater responsibility to provide low-cost high-quality online education for Jewish children in Europe.

In recent weeks Zehud ran its first online fundraising campaign, and with the money that we raised, we are looking forward to providing even more learning opportunities to even more children.

So as we are coming to the end of the school year, Zehud is looking onwards and upwards, and given this, I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have personally, emotionally and financially helped us reach this point. And of course, if you are the parent of Jewish children in Europe, or if you know Jewish parents who are looking for effective online learning solutions for their children, we are open for September registration please visit http://school.zehud.com/ or contact me directly.

About the Author
Tal lives in Venice, Italy, in an antique Jewish Orthodox community that enjoys over 500 years of colorful history. She has fallen hopelessly in love with Jewish Europe and runs The Zehud Jewish Online School & Foundation for Jewish Life in Europe. Most communities today don't have a Jewish School, by virtually uniting smaller groups to create a critical mass, we have connected it with high quality Jewish education . Passionate about promoting sites of Jewish interest and Jewish personalities , Tal especially enjoys social encounters and hosts locals and internationals for eclectic Shabbat dinners. She has taken her management skills and applied them to various multicultural challenges, family life and even parenting. Tal believes in the power of the WE.
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