Two weeks ago, I was #TelAviv.

Yes. I am politically center-left. I oppose the occupation. I believe that it is disastrous for my people to occupy others, and for others to be occupied. I refuse to work, or perform, on the other side of the Green Line.

But today #IAmOtniel.

I believe we can — and MUST — learn to trust each other enough to find the solution to this blood-thirsty conflict that goes on and on and knows no limits nor boundaries.

So if Dafna Meir, a young mother of six can be murdered in her home in front of her children, a nurse who helped so many, regardless of their culture or religion (and now so many more will be poorer for her loss), a wife and community member who no doubt was dearly cherished, and loved (and being buried in the cold ground even as I type), then I do not care where she lived. I stand up and identify with ALL the places in this brutalized land where people suffer from terror attacks. Be it #TelAviv, or #GushEtzion or #Duma or the #WesternNegev.

Tomorrow, I will go back to politics and working to try to convince the government to change things. And FYI: This does not make me any less of a patriotic Israeli. Or a Zionist. It just keeps me human.

So today, #IAmOtniel.

Oy! And now #IAmTekoa!