Not one single international news media outlet reported on the story of the two year old toddler, Avigail Ben-Zion who lost consciousness and has a fractured skull as the result of Arab terrorists throwing a three-pound rock through the window of the car her mother was driving in Jerusalem Thursday night.  Not one.

While the entire Israeli political spectrum condemned the incident, there is silence from world leaders at this “disruption to the peace process.” When Jews build homes, condemnations abound. Yet now, silence. Last year, when there were incidents of Jews beating Arabs, CNN and many other outlets ran news stories non stop on the issue. Headlines blared “Attacks on Arabs in Israel prompt soul-searching.” Now, no Arab soul-searching or CNN articles – but its only injured Jewish babies.

The Arab terrorists, who have admitted to the crime between the age of 15-20, will surely be visited by Amnesty International, and lauded as misunderstood youth. Imagine the world uproar if Jews threw rocks and nearly killed a precious 2 year old baby. Then of course there would be plenty of media coverage surrounding the issue.

American border patrol police “consider rock-throwing to be deadly force which sometimes demands the same in response.” In the last two years, eight people have been killed on America’s borders for throwing rocks. It is normal to respond with force when attacked with a deadly weapon. Rocks can and do kill. Throwing rocks is plain and simple terrorism. But, if Israel responded forcefully there would be negative media attention – and the scorn of the United States of America. For, as some Israelis have said, the attack “was thanks to Secretary of State Kerry, who only a few days ago said if we won’t reach peace a third intifada will break out here.”

Imagine the response of police anywhere in the world to people regularly throwing rocks? How long would any group get away with this anywhere in the world? There is no lack of media coverage on Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East with a free press. The Jewish nation of Israel, with eight million people constantly is the target of biased media coverage. And when its not biased, its often missing – as is the case today.

The world still views Jewish blood as cheap.