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10 mistakes by Hillary Clinton that cost her the election, all to do with her alienation from blue-color workers

Well, if we may believe her, she lost the election because the FBI director incriminated her, right before election day, and because of fake new, racist and misogynist winds were sweeping the country, paid for by Russia, and Obama made her say unpopular things. Yet, loftily nobly, she adds she “take all responsibility.” That’s of course just a civil figure of speech. Her blaming everyone and the kitchen sink shows she doesn’t.

Why then did she lose, really?

First of all, at least half the country hated one candidate and at least the other half the other. Most people hated both lying millionaires. Most people had no one good enough to vote for. Against that backdrop:

1. Both candidates presumed that she would win, making her over-confident, not running to the very end, surprisingly losing a race of years by slumping on the finishing stretch, the very last days.

2. She came across on television as arrogant, brainy, aloof. Every time, she had all the right answers but none of the right attitudes.

3. She was no match in debating skills to the Donald. Yes, she was much better informed and a bit more honest, but she seemed in their debates as the ones who knows-it-all but no one likes.

4. She mistakenly copied Michelle Obama’s dignified restraint: “When they go low, we go high,” when hit below the belt, to take the high road. But she’s not Black. On her it looked inept, weak.

5. She now admits that she felt intimidated by Trump invading her space but refined and fake as she is, she didn’t protest. She looked like a jelly trying not to shake while he looked looming powerful.

6. She catered to Wall Street while the Donald (who IS Wall Street) wisely stayed away. She was sucked up by the swamp, for all people tired of politicians and the establishment to see.

7. She really branded “half of Trump’s supporters” as “deplorable” and “irredeemable” for being bigoted. Well, everybody is! When she added that the other half was desperate for hope and change, whom “we” need to understand, that was condescending too.

8. She says that Bernie Sanders undermined her by stealing her ideas (not true) and by being unrealistic. She undermined her campaign by rejecting the idealism and enthusiasm from him and his voters.

9. She is not only – understandably – in shock about losing; she still holds that only she was entitled to win. She might be right, but with the above attitude, entitlement is toxic.

10. Even now, after writing a whole book about it, she has no clue, it seems, how far she is removed from blue-color workers.

It may not be fair but she still lost, mainly for being a rich person who seems incapable to relate emotionally to the common bloke/gal. Above we called her: lofty nobly over-confident arrogant brainy aloof timid weak refined fake condescending entitled, removed from blue-color workers, an owning-class know-it-all. Why would any self-respecting worker vote for her? If only she would have been a bit more likable.

She blames sexism, but if she would have been this sharp proud working-class woman who calls a spade a spade and is scared of no one, she would have won hands down. They’d have called her, after Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady II. She should first try to make it as an ironing lady.

If she’s right about Trump, what does her losing from him say about her? Let’s blame the voters. And if that doesn’t work, let’s blame democracy.

In her self-absorbed elitist state, I’m sure she’d like to know why she lost. But other people look at her book and see that such a blame-sick person should never win. A serial blamer is not a good role model for girls and women. Her book not only failed to clear up last elections’ riddles, it also blocked her from ever having a chance to win in the future. Don’t worry – she’ll blame Simon & Schuster, her publisher.

Shockingly, on class issues her self-proclaimed successor, now with-his-own-book, is no ounce better, as I pointed out before in: Bernie Sanders just set the stage for losing the Working Class and the next elections.

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The author is a fetal survivor of the pharmaceutical industry (DES - Diethylstilbestrol), born in 1953 to two Dutch survivors who met in the largest concentration camp in the Netherlands, Westerbork, and holds a BA in medicine (University of Amsterdam). He taught Re-evaluation Co-counseling, became a social activist, became religious, made Aliyah, and raised three wonderful kids. He wrote an unpublished tome about Jewish Free Will. He's a vegan for 8 years now. He's an Orthodox Jew but not a rabbi. * His most influential teachers (chronologically) are: his parents, Nico (natan) van Zuiden and Betty (beisye) Nieweg, Wim Kan, Mozart, Harvey Jackins, Marshal Rosenberg, Reb Shlomo Carlebach and lehavdiel bein chayim lechayim: Rabbi Dr. Natan Lopes Cardozo, Rav Zev Leff and Rav Meir Lubin. * Previously, for decades, he was known to the Jerusalem Post readers as a frequent letter writer. For a couple of years he wrote hasbara for the Dutch public. His fields of attention now are varied: Psychology (including Sexuality and Abuse), Medicine (including physical immortality), Science (statistics), Politics (Israel, the US and the Netherlands, Activism - more than leftwing or rightwing, he hopes to highlight Truth), Oppression and Liberation (intersectionally, for young people, the elderly, non-Whites, women, workers, Jews, GLBTQAI, foreigners and anyone else who's dehumanized or exploited), Integrity, Philosophy, Jews (Judaism, Zionism, Holocaust and Jewish Liberation), Ecology and Veganism. Sometimes he's misunderstood because he has such a wide vision that never fits any specialist's box. But that's exactly what many love about him. Many of his posts relate to affairs from the news or the Torah Portion of the Week or are new insights that suddenly befell him. * He hopes that his words will inspire and inform, reassure the doubters but make the self-assured doubt more. He strives to bring a fresh perspective rather than bore you with the obvious. He doesn't expect his readers to agree. Rather, original minds must be disputed. In short, his main political positions are: anti-Trumpism, for Zionism, Intersectionality, non-violence, democracy, anti the fake peace process, for original-Orthodoxy, Science, Free Will, anti blaming-the-victim and for down-to-earth optimism. Read his blog how he attempts to bridge any discrepancies. He admits sometimes exaggerating to make a point, which could have him come across as nasty, while in actuality, he's quit a lovely person to interact with. He holds - how Dutch - that a strong opinion doesn't imply intolerance of other views. * His writing has been made possible by an allowance for second generation Holocaust survivors from the Netherlands. It has been his dream since he was 38 to try to make a difference by teaching through writing. He had three times 9-out-of-10 for Dutch at his high school finals but is spending his days communicating in English and Hebrew - how ironic. G-d must have a fine sense of humor. In case you wonder - yes, he is a bit dyslectic. November 13, 2018, he published his 500st blog post with the ToI. If you're a native English speaker and wonder why you should read from people whose English is only their second language, consider the advantage of having a peek outside of your cultural bubble. * To send any personal reaction to him, scroll to the top of the blog post and click Contact Me. To see other blog posts by him, a second blog - under construction - can be found by clicking on the Website icon next to his picture.
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