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10 Reasons Not To Be Depressed About Trump

To those who dread this presidency: There are some serious bright spots, plus, think about the comedy

This is dedicated to my daughter Etana and her fellow millennials. Please don’t lose hope!

For many of us, Trump’s win is devastating. It’s difficult to imagine that an ignorant man who could lie with abandon and regularly insult, in such an immature manner, all types of people could win over so many. And yet he did. Spend a little time digging into his support in “Middle America” and you’ll begin to understand it.

Regardless, the election is over and a new day has dawned. The sun is still in the sky and the earth continues to spin on its axis. If that’s not enough to get you past your depression, then I’ve come up with a list of 10 reasons why we can be optimistic about the future…

1. Trump can’t be as bad as the character he played on TV. Seriously, we’ve made him out to be such a monster. Nobody can be THAT bad. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll even rise to the gravity of the office and the occasion. (His gracious victory speech was definitely a step in the right direction.)

2. Given his relationship with the truth, there’s simply no way Trump can do many of the awful things he “promised” to do.

3. We get to play four years of offense instead of defense.

4. Democracy! We may not like the outcome, but America’s democracy is alive and well, and it’s certainly not “rigged”.

5. The “other” America is no longer invisible. Hopefully, regardless of how Trump performs, this has served as a wake-up call that will help address the issues that have been dividing the country.

6. While Trump is certainly not the “outsider” he claims to be, any large, entrenched system and bureaucracy needs the rejuvenation and cleansing that this shock should provide.

7. Trump, at heart, is way more liberal than people think he is. We’ll likely get the last laugh on many issues.

8. The best disinfectant is light. Trump’s rhetoric has exposed the dark underbelly of America that has been lurking in the shadows. Now that it’s out in the open we can work on eradicating it.

9. America and the Western World have been too “PC” for their own good on certain issues. You can’t fight an enemy if you can’t identify it. Trump’s crude bluntness may allow us to swing back enough to save ourselves in the growing war against the noble values of freedom and liberty that underpin so many of our societies.

10. Comedy! Fours years of non-stop laughter from comedians and late night comedy/talk shows. Go Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Saturday Night Live and, my favorite, Randy Rainbow! Laughter is always good for what ails you.

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Michael Lipkin made Aliyah in 2004 from Edison, NJ to Beit Shemesh with his wife and four children. Since moving to Israel, Michael and his wife have been blessed with two new sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, eleven grandchildren and a sabra of their own! Michael currently works as a tech liaison for a financial web site.
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