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12 Point Plan To Destroy Hamas and Bring Peace To Israelis and Palestinians

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Shortly after the Hamas Pogrom, just over a week ago, I was asked “what would you do if you ran Israel and this happened…”

Interestingly, both “sides” of this conflict posed the question to me. To date, neither has been able to come up with an argument against my answer. Every follow-up question or contention is answered by this plan, which is also borne out of my 2015 Jerusalem pilot study, on utilizing the Constitution of Medinah as a guide for an Israel and Palestine Confederation.

This article originally began as a social media post, and in the course of commenting back and forth on it, Rabbi Ben Abrahamson noted the need for a foundational “Number 0.”

What is that, you might ask?

Rabbi Abrahamson phrased it as the prerequisite of “accepting that we are all here to stay, and that we are one family.” This, indeed, should not be a problem for any legitimate, practicing Muslim – since Muhammad himself wrote in the Constitution of Medinah that Jews and Muslims constitute an “Ummatan Wahidatan.” The last chapter of my first masters thesis, which was later published by New Dawn Publications, as a book entitled: People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam”

1. I would pledge that in retaliation, I would never bomb nor shoot non-combatants, nor to so much as uproot a single tree in the course of exercising any war or enforcement of the Constitution of the Federation of ONE STATE which i would form, with three substates within, of Israel proper, Gaza and the West Bank. Those who violated rule of law, with respect to the rights of the innocent, would be punished severely, even if these crimes occurred in the course of war and national defense. Violators would be made examples of, as deterrents to prospective future terrorists – on either side.

2. I WOULD destroy the homes of every Hamas official, even being nice and giving a warning of what is coming, so family can get out… even the guilty officials could get out, that is no problem. I would send specialists to hunt them down one-by-one, much as in the response to those who planned the Munich massacre. This is an easy thing. What would not be easy, is Hamas rebuilding their mansions – paid for donations people think is going to regular Gazans. If they attempted to rebuilt there, or elsewhere, they would be destroyed anew.

3. I would destroy every Hamas administrative building – again with fair warning for non-combatants to get out. These need not be by bombs dropped, I would send in cells of saboteurs who could and would destroy the buildings with the expertise and know-how which would ensure neighboring residential areas would not be harmed. Again, this is an easy thing for anyone who knows anything about explosives.

4. I would send in similarly specialized cells, through various points of entry and go street by street, block by block and free all hostages and execute any kidnappers without trial, as it is not required even in the United States to place kidnappers under arrest – they may be killed on sight in all 50 states. Anyone trying to stop them would be deemed a combatant and could be arrested or handled otherwise. The choice would be theirs depending on their actions.

5. I would form People’s Militias trained in martial arts and firearms tactics, throughout Eretz Yisrael, especially on the border with Gaza. I would relax gun laws and in fact suggest that people carry with the standard Israeli “CCW,” but I would make obtaining them less discretionary – no longer “May Issue” permits, as they are termed in US Law, and instead “Shall Issue” licenses. That is, if one meets the criteria for licensure, then the permit “Shall” be issued to the individual. Thus, if a terrorist attack were to erupt ANYWHERE, there would be an ample number of armed and trained citizens to handle the situation and shut it down.

6. I would assemble a team of Islamic and Jewish scholars to draft a renewed “Constitution of Medinah” but this time a Constitution of Medinat Yisrael. This would guarantee full rights to any Palestinian who vowed to join Israelis as ONE UMMAH – as Muhammad said Jews and Muslims are – an UMMATAN WAHIDATAN. Related to this, I would have teams of educators literally go around like missionaries and spread educational materials about Islamic History and Origins in `Isawiyah Diaspora Essenism, and challenging late-source antisemitic narrations for the fabrications that they are.

7. I would prosecute any illegal actions in the West Bank by both settlers as well as Palestinians. It’s that simple. All would have the same rights under the Federation’s Constitution of Medinat Yisrael. The West Bank would still be the West Bank, and Gaza would still be Gaza. But they would be states within the Federation and accordingly Federal Law Enforcement could move freely between each of these states and also offer oversight of police corruption in any state. Eventually all policing/patrols would be phased out, and law enforcement would operate as detectives and tactical units. There would be no beat cops of any sort, in any state. The People’s Militia would handle any violent threat in the community, should they arise.

8. I would offer amnesty to any in the Palestinian Territories – working for the government or terrorist organizations in each territory – so long as they admitted in open testimony, crimes of their organization. These testimonies would be widely aired, in order to demonstrate just how deep the terrorist propaganda went, and would unpack each of their lies, one by one… gradually educating the ignorant, and dealing with those who know the truth but cover over it for their own imagined gain (literally: kaffirin in Arabic, koferim in Hebrew).

9. I would offer FULL ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP to any Palestinian willing to return and become one, so long as they signed an oath, under penalty of Mubahalah invocation of the Curse of Allah upon one’s self and their entire families and progeny. The oath would recognize that both Jews and Palestinian Muslims alike (as well as other Palestinian minority religious groups), have an ancestral connection to the land, which is declared outright even by the Qur’an itself. Should such a new citizen violate the oath to love their neighbor as themselves and act with empathy and recognition of the Unity of All Existence – Wahdat Al-Wujud – within the perceived “other” then they would be forever stripped of their citizenship and jailed in a prison within an allied nation, so that they would live, die and be buried on foreign soil as the result of their lies.

10. I would govern the Federation according to the laws of both Islam and Judaism, respectively. For instance, the rate of taxation would be according to these sources. Interest would be absolutely forbidden. The poor would be allowed to gather food from the edges of fields, debts would be forgiven according to Torah mandates, Muslims would be recognized as Biblical Gerei Toshav so long as they pledge UNITY with the WHOLE OF THE PEOPLE – Jew or gentile.

11. In the West Bank, Fatah would see what happened to Hamas. They would be told that they can play ball and become the administrative government for the West Bank – as one of three states within a single “One Ummah” Federation, or they could face the same that Hamas did. No more games, no more ethno-nationalistic `asabiyyah. If it continues, then the mansions of Fatah leadership can get it too.

12. Finally, I would REBUILD THE BEYT HA’MIQDASH – the THIRD TEMPLE – in Yerushalayim, Al-Quds in a manner which scholars have recognized and outlined would preserve existing structures. Jews and Muslims alike would be permitted in the relevant areas of the Temple. I would do this along with educating the ignorant masses not only on the history of the Land before the Caliphate, but also on what MUHAMMAD and the Qur’an taught about Allah giving residence to the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael, and would declare that those opposing such are enemies of Allah, and would be judged accordingly by Islamic Shari`yah – just as i would judge those invoking Judaism as rationale behind their actions, based upon Halakhah. Jews would be judged by the Torah. Muslims would be judged by the Qur’an (NOT by centuries-later fabricated Ahadith).

This is exactly what Muhammad foretold should and WILL happen. Opposing this is opposing Muhammad and his vision for rule over a shared Jewish and Muslim society – an Ummatan Wahidatan.

What are your thoughts?

About the Author
Dr. Micah Naziri was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. The son of a multitude of peoples, Micah has Ashkenazi Jewish, German, Native American and Melungeon Sefardic background. Micah has often said he has “one foot in the masjid and the other in shul.” Spiritually, Micah considers his understanding of Judaism to be “Judeo-Sufi,” or “Istislam” as described by Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Paqudah, in his Medieval Judeo-Arabic work “Guide to the Duties of the Hearts” (Al-Hidayat ila Fara`id al-Qulub), which quoted Muhammad and his son-in-law `Ali profusely – reference each as being “a great chasid” – while fully embracing the Torah as the framework of religious practice for the Jewish people. Dr. Naziri is the founder of the Martial Sufi Tariqah alternatively known as the Taliyah al-Mahdi (2001) and the Jamat al-Fitrah (2005), as well as Hashlamah Project Foundation (2012), and the White Rose Society “reboot” (2016). As the founder of the Hashlamah Project Foundation, Micah uses his education in Near Eastern Languages, Religions and historical models of building bridges between Jewish and Muslim communities, to help reconcile and unite Jews and Palestinian Muslims. He is a prolific author who has penned numerous academic articles, donating 100% of the proceeds to charities working towards social justice. He has also authored a science fiction novel fused with history and politics. His Master’s thesis on the religious milieu of Judaism in Muhammad’s life time, in Arabia, has been published by New Dawn Publications and is available on Amazon, with all proceeds similarly going to charity work. He has served as an editor for written works on Martial Arts and Eastern Medicine, transcribing and creating numerous titles for some of his teachers. He has himself authored several martial treatises using the pen name Seng, Hern-Heng – his Taoist lineage name given to him in 2006 by Huang, Chien-Liang. On that front, he is currently working on a new Taoist translation of the Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) based on the original Mawangdui manuscripts. Micah became well-known for activism confronting an anti-Muslim protester peacefully and reasoning with her outside of a Dublin, Ohio mosque. After nearly 45 minutes of debate and reconciliation, the woman embraced a Muslimah woman from the mosque, and went into the mosque with her and Micah for bagels, coffee and a tour of the house of worship. When she left, the Muslims there gave her a gift bag. Micah became somewhat infamous – loved by some, hated by others – not only for several high-profile, viral protests, but also for teaching free self-defense classes available to all interested parties from historically oppressed communities. Law enforcement, however, have without question been the most hostile to Naziri, as he became a regular protester against police brutality and murder of unarmed African-Americans. Micah has been equally as virally-known as an avowed anti-rape activist, who confronted the Stanford Rapist, Brock Turner at his home in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, after he was released from his mere three-month jail sentence for raping an unconscious woman. Today, Micah continues activism in the areas surrounding Yellow Springs, and abroad, focusing on weekly protests and vigils supporting families of innocent, unarmed African-American youths, gunned down by local police or vigilante citizens attempting to hide behind gun culture and the Second Amendment, such as in the recent case of Victor Santana – who was recently arrested, charged with murder, and convicted after months of pressure put on Montgomery County prosecutor Matt Heck by protests Micah organized in conjunction with Donald Dominique of the New Black Panther Party. Micah is currently coordinating expanded work with international Hashlamah Project chapters and the Jam`at Al-Fitrah, the name used in the Palestinian Territories for the Sufi Martial Tariqah known as the Taliyah al-Mahdi. He is seeking grant-writing partnerships to grow the Hashlamah Project organization’s efforts – particularly in the State of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
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