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15 reasons Jerusalem has the best mayor in the entire world

Yesterday there was that moment in time when someone you know to be pretty awesome steps up and proves himself to be awesomer than you had ever imagined.

Nir Barkat, our marathon running, city beautifying Mayor just shot up from city leader to superhero Sunday.

Moments after a 19 year old terrorist stabbed a Hareidi man in a Jerusalem intersection yesterday, Nir Barkat emerged from his vehicle with his armed security and tackled the terrorist to the ground. Bam. Threat neutralized.  Barkat went on to comfort the stab victim and move the perp to the side of the road to keep the traffic moving.

The dramatic surveillance footage swiftly went viral.

With gleeful pride, Jerusalem became a city of starry-eyed fangirls and fanboys championing our mayor.

Facebook was basically an unending thread of Barkat memes, here are some of them:

Cleaning up Gotham


I also deliver babies…babies

More Batman, this one created by Laura Ben-David…barkat

…and even more Batmanyeah


“Nir Barkat is the closest thing in the world to Batman”


The inevitable Twitter hashtag


Blockbuster Barkat


“I’m going to dress up as a regular mayor”
“But then what will you dress up as on Pur…”

Nir “Chuck Norris” Barkatfrown

Power Rangers Barkat




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