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Lisa M. Pollack
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2021: A Year of Growth and Impact at Neve Hanna Children’s Home

Neve Hanna Children's Home. Photo: Lisa Pollack
Neve Hanna Children's Home. Photo: Lisa Pollack

American Friends of Neve Hanna is grateful for the love and support of our friends and community. We take a look back on 2021, an exciting year of growth and impact at Neve Hanna Children’s Home.

Neve Hanna Children’s Home. Photo: Staff at Neve Hanna.

All projects feed every child’s self-worth and need for creativity, freedom and fun.

  • We facilitated Buy a Book, Build a Library. The construction work of the Library is complete, seven hundred books have been purchased, the Librarian is working with the children and further organization of the Library function continues.
  • Our learning and remedial teaching programs intensified to compensate the COVID-19 fall out.
  • We stepped-up our Therapy Programs, especially the animal-assisted therapy, horseback riding and gardening which resulted in employing new staff.
  • Our enriching and challenging leisure time activities give our children and teenagers a sense of achievement at the individual level and promote team spirit at the group level.
  • We continue the Streetlight activities to benefit families in need in Kiryat Gat and are happy to announce that we will expand the message of Giving, Good Deeds, Tzdakah and Tikkun Olam in addition to each family group.
  • GivingTuesday gifts and contributions helped raise seed money for Ziv Neurim, our new special Path of the Sea project for 30 teenage boys and girls in need of intensive support in this phase of their teen development. Professionally guided group activities on the beach and in the sea are offered through topics such as perseverance, mastering challenges and personal willpower. The youngsters discover new worlds by swimming and rowing, surfing and sailing.

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Your support helps NEVE HANNA strive to meet all the physical, emotional, mental and educational needs of its children.

Neve Hanna Children’s Home. Photo: Staff at Neve Hanna.

With your help, American Friends of Neve Hanna can be proud of the love and support we give our Neve Hanna family. The children are most appreciative of all we do–providing the funds to continue the programs we support: The new Path of the Sea, state of the art therapies, remedial teaching, extracurricular activities and the new Library.

We are so thankful to have you as a loyal supporter and partner in our vision. Donate today to ensure that we continue to grow in 2022.

Questions – Contact our office at 347-836-8118 or

Warm wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year 2022!

Janet & Irwin Tobin, Co-Presidents
Marilyn Noble, Administrator
Lisa Pollack, Resource Development

About the Author
Lisa Pollack is Director of Resource Development and Social Media Marketing for American Friends of Neve Hanna, a non-profit children's organization associated with the Neve Hanna Children's Home in Kiryat Gat, Israel. Neve Hanna provides a warm and loving home for children from disadvantaged families. With its individualized therapeutic programs and projects, Neve Hanna Children’s Home strives to meet all the physical, emotional, mental and educational needs of its children. Lisa is the former newsletter Copy Editor and Publicity Associate for Congregation L'Dor V'Dor, Little Neck, New York. Lisa has community ties with Masorti, Aepi, StandWithUs, MERCAZ-USA, Women's League for Conservative Judaism, and the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. She is also a Public Speaker, Israel Advocate, Activist, Photographer and Writer.
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