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3 life saving start ups – founded by one man: Ran Poliakine

Three of the most important medical solutions to come out of the Israeli biotech industry in recent years were the idea of one man
Doctors at the Wolfson Medical Center perform open heart surgery in Holon, Israel, September 12, 2011. (illustrative photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90)
Doctors at the Wolfson Medical Center perform open heart surgery in Holon, Israel, September 12, 2011. (illustrative photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90)

In my work with so many start ups and consultations on many different ideas, I get to see first hand many things that people don’t even know exist. Most importantly, I also get to meet amazing people, mostly Israeli, and become familiarized with the projects they are working on. So I decided that I would write about them, especially the ones that have really caught my eye.

This month I will be talking about Ran Poliakine. If you are in the wireless battery business you probably know him as “Father.” Okay, maybe you don’t actually call him that but he is the founder of Powermat, the first company to bring wireless charging to the table… pun intended. As if that doesn’t take up all his time, he has another 8 projects that he is simultaneously working on.

And I thought I had a lot on my plate! Working with Ran is a humbling experience.

3 specific projects that have most impressed me are the ones that are dedicated to saving lives – and one day might even save yours!


The deadly combination of trauma and hypothermia is well known and extensively documented. When trauma occurs in a non-medical setting it inevitably starts the clock ticking to race the victim to the nearest hospital or trauma center where blood and other fluids can be administered. An effective and often life-saving transfusion is only possible with fluids that have been heated to body temperature. Because of prolonged warm up time, administering blood or plasma in the field is virtually impossible. This is a major shortfall that often has lethal implications for trauma patients.

QinFlow is the only field operated, portable blood and IV fluid warming solution capable of instantaneously warming fluids from any input temperature to 37°C (98.6ºF), even at high flow rates. To date it has successfully been used by paramedics, critical care transport teams, ER teams, and trauma centers, in earthquake settings, conflicts and by ambulances to transporting accident victims.


Wellsense’s debut product, The M.A.P System, is the first use of smart textile technology to prevent pressure ulcers and bed sores among hospital patients and nursing home residents. By positioning a “smart” M.A.P coverlet with built-in pressure sensors over a patient or resident sleep surface, The M.A.P identifies areas of pressure and produces a color-coded, live image on an easy-to-read bedside monitor.

The system also monitors the buildup of pressure over time and proactively shows caregivers and patients the potential danger of pressure sore development. At preset intervals, it also alerts the care givers when a periodic repositioning is due. Already in use in medical institutions in several countries, and in The U.S., The M.A.P System will completely overhaul the treatment bedsores so that they become a thing of the past.

Years of Water

Water scarcity is among the main problems to be faced by the World in the 21st century. Almost one-fifth of the world’s population lives in areas of physical scarcity. The Water Elephant, Years of Water’s debut product, is a portable device (about the size of a 5 gallon gas container) that contains a powerful 16W Ultra Violet lamp that destroys bacteria, viruses and protozoa within 8 seconds of coming into contact with polluted water.

Already in use in parts of Nigeria where fresh water scarcity is a major issue and being studied for use in both South Africa and as part of the readiness protocol for El Nino in Ecuador, Years of Water’s Water Elephant attacks the issue of fresh water at the household level so that maintenance by government entities or private donors is not necessary as with communal wells and other solutions.

One Water Elephant unit can produce over 30,000 liters of purified water… which means up to three years of clean water per household.

As a person that very much appreciates life and the act of saving lives, I think it’s important to start a column like this. In addition to the other start up column I write about, this column will serve as a platform to bring awareness to humanitarian causes.  If you can think of any other lesser known entrepreneur that deserve a shout out, please mention him or her in the comment section below.


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