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5 tips for choosing eco-ish bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids are unique in that they stand by and complement the the bride. While the practice of bridesmaids is not widely followed in Israel in most circles, there is a need to find dresses that match your best friend’s or sister’s wedding, one that looks more formal than the average wedding guest in Israel which can range from gold sequins to t-shirt and flip flops. Weddings are a huge deal in Israel! So many people shop online now to find the dress of their dreams and this is a great idea as long as you are willing to work with a local tailor for extra fittings. Because an online dress will never be perfect. If you are new to weddings in Israel start with this primer, A Guide to Israeli Weddings.

Wedding Dress Style

When looking for a perfect formal dress try to find out what the bride is wearing so you can support her look and theme if there is one. Also ask if the family on either side is religious so you can avoid red or revealing outfits. If the bride herself is going to be wearing a lot of detail, with lace and beads, then the supporting stars –- the mothers, sisters, and friends ––  might want to dress chic but simpler in order to let the bride shine. Try and choose a dress that you will be able to wear over and over again, on dates, family outings, possibly other weddings.

Body Type

Sweetheart necklines are a common choice for necklines of young and thin bridesmaids, and if you are religious you might need to find a full covered version. If your friend getting married is religious, be sure to inquire about the dress code before you order or buy a dress. You wouldn’t want to feel out of place. I was at a wedding where the bridesmaids bought dresses from JJ’s House. They were a low cost option that flattered all body types. And most people were really happy with the choice.

Smaller-bodied bridesmaids are better suited to halter necks and dress with spaghetti-like straps. They gracefully add a sophisticated, feminine touch. The more generously bodied bridesmaids will look great with scoop neckline dresses.


Here, the goal is to look good (effortlessly, right?) without overheating, or freezing. If you choose long dresses with a lining for an Israeli summer, well you are destined to just sweat and feel uncomfortable. Long, flowing dresses are doable in the summer, provided that the fabric you choose is light and flattering of the dress style. I love cotton, linen and silk, but try to avoid buying a color that shows sweat, because if the wedding is outside in Israel in the summer, you will sweat.


An excellent choice of fabric equates comfort. If the bridesmaids or best friends of the bride are uncomfortable, it will show, and it won’t create a great impression. Your future husband could be there! Take time to research on the different fabric types, as their flow, breathe and fit will contribute significantly to the dress style. Choose one that the girls will be free to move around in, no matter the time of day, while still looking good. I love cotton and natural fabrics, but there are plenty of companies that use recycled and upcycled fabrics with a poly-cotton blend so you can feel good on all levels. There are plenty of second hand shops in Israel. Look around.

Colors of the Wedding

Wedding colors have a significant influence on your choice of a dress; therefore it is essential that you get it right –– if you are in America. In Israel it is not so important but check ahead because it can be a nice touch to be in sync with the theme and color scheme. I was at a wedding in the spring that was themed after Alice in Wonderland. No one dressed as the Mad Hatter but the bride looked a bit like Alice. A helpful guideline would be the season that your wedding takes place in. For example, a wedding that takes place in the cold rainy winter or fall seasons is better suited to navy blue, purple and dark red, while softer colors such as exotic shades of pink or yellow for warmer, brighter seasons. Another tip could be your personal preference and choice of colors to give you a few pointers. If you feel good your true colors will shine through.

 Wrapping Up

If the task of choosing the best dress for your friend’s or sister’s wedding feels overwhelming to you, ask your best dressed girlfriends for some help.  After all, that’s what they are there for! They will put thought into their dresses, and it is natural they will pick styles that are comfortable to them. No two girls are alike as each of their tastes is uniquely different. You’re the one with the final say, but friends will be happy that you cared enough to ask for their opinion. I think. I hope. Mazal tov. Get ready for some crazy dancing.

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