9/11 victim Darin Pontell, number 26, the name Lisa


Since the Gematria of G-d’s name is widely known to be 26, I feel it is very significant that Darin Pontell was 26 when he died in the Pentagon during 9/11.

Also interesting are the four numbers making up the two flights targeting Washington DC on 9/11 also add up to 26.

In my opinion, this suggests a major connection between not only these flights but the victims and their families. It just takes time and effort to analyze all the facts which is something I am certain Darin would have been interested in doing if he were alive today.

Darin Would Have Been Very Capable Of Performing This Exercise

In an article appearing in Cleveland Jewish News, originally posted on September 5, 2002 at the following link titled: “A Friend To The End”

Darin’s mother Marilyn said:

A lifelong “computer whiz,” Darin excelled at his work. His detailed presentations were so good they are being used today by the Pentagon in the form of training films.

From the September 24, 2001 Baltimore Sun:

“He wasn’t interested in flying, though,” says his father Gary.

“He loved us so much,” says his mother. “He knew we couldn’t bear another pilot.”

Darin focused, instead, on naval intelligence. After graduating with honors from the academy in 1998, he continued his training at naval installations in Virginia. When his future wife, Devora, visited him there, she was awed by the passionate way he studied; his mind became an encyclopedia of nations and the military of those nations. “He wanted to be the very best at what he did,” she says. “He loved that job.”

From February until August last year, he served aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower, in, among other places, the Persian Gulf. During that time, Darin gave briefings to large gatherings of pilots and commanders. He thrived in his work, dazzled his colleagues and superiors. A videotape of one of his briefings is used as a teaching tool.

It was Darin’s knowledge and skill that got him to the Pentagon, where the young lieutenant briefed admirals.

Darin’s career was cut short because he died during 9/11. My career in an Army Reserve Intelligence Unit, as a Morse Code Interceptor, ended when I refused to attend drills on Shabbat.

In a previous Blog on January 12, I mentioned I trained as a Morse Code Interceptor in the US Army Reserve. But when I returned to my Reserve Unit at Fort Snelling near the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, I was forced to give up that position and transferred to another Unit.

To Honor The Memory Of Darin And All Those Who Perished During 9/11 And All Terrorist Attacks, I Will Continue To Analyze Key Facts From 9/11 In Future Blogs

One Key Fact To Consider When Darin’s Brother Steven Was Killed In 1989 During A Training Accident Providing A Link To Flight 93-

Only four other people died during that accident,

Lisa Mayo

One of those killed was named Lisa Mayo of Oklahoma City.

Gov. Henry Bellmon ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff in Mayo’s honor.

“She lived a very short life, yet a very productive life, and one that will certainly be remembered,” said the Rev. George Shirley, the family’s minister. “She contributed a lot to life, even in her short years.”

Therefore, what amazes me is that at least two women with the similar name of Debra and Devora lost loved ones during Flight 77. Devora’s brother -in-law Steven died in the same training accident as Lisa Mayo long before 9/11.

Flight 93 featured passengers and crew who most likely saved the US Capitol Building from becoming the 4th target. Lisa Jefferson’s conversation with Todd Beamer was the key that gave passengers and crew the courage to attack the terrorists.

This also propelled Todd’s wife Lisa Beamer to give others encouragement in the face of all the challenges she had ahead of her as a young widow, pregnant at the time Todd was killed.

To be continued in future Blogs

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