Steven Zvi Gleiberman

9 Lessons to Learn from Moshe

Here are 9 lessons I have learnt from the greatest leader of all time (no, not Tom Brady)

  1. Your father-in-law will be impressed with you, then question everything you do. Get used to it.
  2. When your father-in-law gives you good advice, listen to him.
  3. When you appoint leaders, make sure they are not money or power hungry.
  4. Make sure you appoint many leaders, and don’t leave one single person with too much power.
  5. Be humble. When recounting to Yitro the story of the Jews leaving Egypt, the Torah states; “Moshe told his father-in-law everything that Hashem had done to Pharoah and Egypt…and that Hashem had rescued them”, taking zero credit for himself.
  6. Be available. Just because Moshe was the leader of the Jewish people, doesn’t mean he didn’t have time for each and every one of them, to judge, offer a kind word and to be present.
  7. Be respectful. Moshe, the leader of the Jewish people, took time from leading to go out and greet his father-in-law.
  8. Be impactful. Moshe took his time out to explain to Yitro the most recent events in Egypt and Rashi states that it was to bring Yitro closer to the Torah. Just because one is on a leadership level, doesn’t mean they can’t take the time to teach a single person.
  9. Be relatable. When Yisro had a meal with the leaders of the Jewish people, Moshe literally served him (Rashi).
  10. Nothing, the title says 9. Just because 10 is a round number, doesn’t mean I have to say something. Lesson for me; only write with purpose, not just to fill a page.

Shabbat Shalom!

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StevenZvi grew up in Brooklyn and in his professional life worked in the healthcare industry in New York City. Wishing to create additional meaning and purpose in his life, he moved to Jerusalem in November 2020, where he lives with his wife, works in the Medical Technology space and volunteers for Hatzalah. He uses his writing capabilities as a healthy outlet not to receive money, recognition or fame. It’s his hope that his articles will have some positive impact on the Jewish nation and humanity worldwide. He may not live forever, but his contributions to society might.
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