A Christian New Year’s Resolution: Stand Up and Be Counted in 2019 for Israel

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The cancer called “Antisemitism” has gone mainstream and the diagnosis is clear. It is not benign. It is a malignant melanoma. Left untreated, it’s deadly. The malignancy, already evident for decades in terrorist organizations,is like a dark,fringed sore blighting college campuses, politics, canceled concerts, churches, synagogues, social media, and businesses. Christians, we must not fool ourselves into thinking that we can’t make a difference in helping stop this cancer. The apathy of most Christians in 1930s Germany cannot be repeated. We are living in the 1930s again.

Twenty-Nineteen, our New Year on the Gregorian calendar, holds increasing challenges for Israel and the worldwide Jewish community. Hamas is prepping for increased destruction in southern Israel. They will use not only their balloons,kites, and 10-month continuation of violent border demonstrations but will add drones to terrorize Israeli civilians. The Lebanese border is hot and the IDF is busy destroying Hezbollah’s tunnels which are burrowing into the Jewish homeland. Iranian and Russian military personnel are stationed in Syria amplifying threats against Israel due to their close proximity.

Yes, this sounds overwhelming and frankly, it is but Robert F. Kennedy’s quote is one we must take to heart:

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.

What can Christians do then to “change a small portion of events.” Truly, God has given us Christians a second chance in our generation to befriend the Jewish state and the Jewish people in tangible ways.

Heading into 2019 I’ve taken the liberty of curating an action list. Research your own ideas too or if any of my suggestions resonate with you, feel free to choose, then act on it:(Full disclosure-I have either worked for or am well-acquainted with any organization/person I mention)

Join up with one of many pro-Israel organizations. Three of my favorites include the American Israel Public Affairs Committee,( International Christian Embassy Jerusalem,( and Christians United for Israel.( Each have dynamic roles and offer good information matched with action and facts.
Make your own comment when you read slander and lies about Israel in Social Media postings.First, make sure your facts are correct,that your tone is civil, and by all means refrain from accusations and name-calling.
Pray for Israel and its leaders and citizens each day.
Reach out to Palestinian Christians by praying for and becoming active in their ministries. Two Israeli Arab Pastors come to mind: Pastor Stephen Khoury, Vice President of Holy Land Missions in Bethlehem and Pastor Saleem Salash, Pastor-Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth.

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Plan a tour to Israel Paradoxically, Israel is safe. In 2018, Israel welcomed a record 4 million visitors!
And tourism is increasing.
Make a financial contribution with Israel in mind; through your church, a US Christian organization, or an Israeli one. Some of my favorites are and Friends of the Israel Defense Forces,
Like Queen Esther and Moses, get involved in politics. They appealed to their ancient leaders. We must appeal to our modern leaders. It doesn’t take much time. Really. Remain educated on US-Israel legislation through AIPAC and CUFI. Respond to their emails to contact your Members of Congress. It is said that one call carries the voices of a thousand.

Silent voices carry nothing. Make yours heard. And actions speak louder than words.

About the Author
Arlene Bridges Samuels is a pioneer in pro-Israel Christian advocacy. In her positions for more than two decades-with Israel Always, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, (AIPAC) and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem USA's project, American Christian Leaders for Israel, national and regional Christian leaders in the Southeast have joined forces to stand alongside Israel. Traveling to Israel since 1990, she is now a weekly columnist for The Christian Broadcasting Network/Israel, Guest Columnist at All Israel News, and the Jerusalem Connection Report. Invited by the GPO she has attended their Christian Media Summit three times. Arlene serves on the board of Violins of Hope South Carolina, co-edited The Auschwitz Album Revisited, and gives briefings on several radio programs. In her college sophomore year, she won the title of Miss Florence, South Carolina and upon graduation from South Carolina's Winthrop University she earned her Masters degree at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Her devotionals are posted at The Eclectic Evangelical on Facebook.
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