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A Few Recent Posts in Connection to the Israel-Hamas War

How Do You Explain the Need for Unity to Someone Who Is Locked on a Divisive Worldview That Continually Seeks to Justify One Side and Blame the Other?

I avoid pursuing such endeavors because it is a long process to prove something, if it is even possible at all, since there is an innate need in people to hold onto certain beliefs.
Nevertheless, no matter the outcome, it is worthwhile for all who are willing to hear about the need for unity, to calibrate themselves in a way where they understand that positive human connection is their sole source of strength. By directing such connection toward the idea that there is a single force of love and bestowal in reality, they place themselves at the center of creation.
They can then succeed, not by overpowering their opinion over others, but by showing that it is possible to achieve unity above all rivalries. More and more people will then open up to viewing unity above division as the ultimate solution to everyone’s problems.

What Should Israel Do to Ensure the Safety and Eventual Release of the Israeli Soldiers and Civilians Taken Hostage by Hamas?

Beyond the strategies and tactics, we should give the people taken hostage the confidence that we are coming to save them.
The hostages’ main task is to hold out. They should completely focus on that while we need to save them, and do everything in order to ensure their safe return home.
The Creator, the upper force of love and bestowal, is above this entire situation. We should all thus turn to the Creator, both us and the people taken hostage, so that the connection between us and the upper force will become tangible.

What Would be a Sign of Strength in Response to the Conflict in Israel?

In today’s world, strength is synonymous with unity. It is as simple as that: If we come together, then we draw into our connections the most powerful single, unique and unified force that exists in nature.
Anyone who has been listening to my lessons or reading my texts would know that I always talk about the need to unite in order to draw nature’s unifying force. It is because we need nothing else.
But what exactly do I mean by unity? Unity means that we should feel like we are there for each other. There is no room for slackers; we need to stick together.
You might recall the motto “One for all, all for one” from the Three Musketeers, a phrase many of us cherished in our childhood. If we ever appreciated this principle, it has since slipped away as life led us to a more self-centered “every man for himself” approach. Today’s blows, however, act as a serious lesson and reminder of the need for such unity.
We must have needed the recent tragic events to prompt us to unite. If we had been in a tendency to unite without them, then they would not have surfaced.
Now, in the wake of tragedy, the extent of our strength will depend completely on the extent of our unity. We need to come together, to support, encourage, care and be there for each other, advancing together against the forces that have arisen to divide and destroy us.
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